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Construction Permits

The Vernon Township Building Department oversees all construction activities within the township and in doing so, has jurisdiction over the permitting process in accordance with the regulations of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code (UCC).

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Generally speaking, a construction permit will be required whenever more than an ordinary repair is being contemplated. The construction permit enables our officials to observe the progress of the work to be sure it meets code. Common undertakings which require a construction permit include asbestos abatement, boiler replacement, basement remodeling, electrical/plumbing modifications or improvements, roof replacement and underground fuel tank removal.

Construction permit applications for projects which involve alterations to the exterior of your property, i.e., those which result in a change to the footprint of the building, lot coverage, use of the space, etc. will also require a zoning permit . Additionally, some applications may require health department approval.


The following forms available for download represent the most commonly requested forms. For a complete list, visit the Department of Community Affairs website . When submitting any of these forms, please provide an original plus three copies.

Construction Permit Application 

This permit contains general information to be used with all of the below permits.

Building Subcode Technical Section 

This form is to be used for roofing, siding, and decks, interior and exterior construction.

Electrical Subcode Technical Section 

This form should be used for all electrical work related to a project. A licensed electrician must sign and seal the application unless the work is being completed by the homeowners in an owner occupied single family dwelling.

Plumbing Subcode Technical Section 

This form should be used for all plumbing work related to a project. A licensed plumber must sign and seal the application unless the work is being completed by the homeowners in an owner occupied single family dwelling.

Fire Subcode Technical Section 

This form should be used when installing smoke detectors, commercial furnaces, tanks, fire suppression systems, fire alarms, kitchen hood systems and fireplaces.

Mechanical Inspector Technical Section 

For residential use only. This form is to be used when replacing water heaters, furnaces and boilers, installation of a fireplace, wood or pellet stove, tanks and air conditioning.

Application for a Variation 

Any variations or exceptions from the requirements of any subcode will require this form. Generally speaking, no variance can be granted unless it’s found that strict compliance would result in practical difficulty to the owner and that if requested variance is granted, it will not jeopardize the health, safety and welfare of intended occupants and the public generally.

Application for Certificate 

This form is used to obtain a certificate of occupancy. A review of any new structure must occur and cannot be occupied in whole or in part until this form is received and the property is inspected by the construction official or his designee.

Chimney Verification for Replacement of Fuel-Fired Equipment 

This form is required for work involving the replacement of fuel-fired equipment. It is used to verify that an existing vent or chimney is the proper size and material for the type of fuel and appliance that is currently or will be connected to it.

Framing Checklist 

This form requires the builder or the builder’s representative to verify that the construction undertaken conforms to the approved plans. Completed by the builder/builder’s representative and the township’s building inspector, it remains part of the construction folder for the life of the building.


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Phone: 973.764.4055 

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