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Agenda June 14, 2023





June 14, 2023

7:00 PM


Call to Order


Statement of Compliance:

Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this Regular Meeting has been provided to the public and the press on January 17, 2023 by delivering to the press such notice and posting same at the Municipal Building and filed with the office of the Township Clerk.

Salute to the Flag:


Roll Call

Mayor’s Designee John Auberger                     

Craig Williams                                                          

Councilmember Joseph Tadrick                           

Martin Theobald                                                 

Richard Spoerl

Willard McPeek

Andrea Cocula

Michael Whitaker

Jacqueline Haley

Kelly Mitchell      Alt #1

Mark Heftler         Alt #2          

Paul Mele           Alt #3

Mark Vizzini       Alt #4 


Public Hearings


LU# 3-21-3 – Snowshoe Homes, LLC, Block 526, Lot 12, - Side Yard Interpretation and Variance for a Front Yard Deck



Public Participation


Open Meeting to the Public for items other than those listed on the Agenda

Close Meeting to the Public





LU# 4-23-5 – Sean Mangan, Block 605, Lot 19, - Rear Yard Variance for a Single-Family Dwelling

Eligible to vote: Auberger, Williams, Tadrick, Spoerl, McPeek, Cocula, Whitaker, Haley, Theobald



Land Use Board Discussion Items (action may or may not be taken)


Ø  None



Ø  May 24, 2023 – Regular Meeting Minutes (Auberger, Williams, Tadrick, Spoerl, McPeek, Cocula, Whitaker, Haley, Theobald)


Appendix A – escrows, board fees, bond reductions and escrow closure


   escrows, board fees and bond reductions


A.        Board Fees


1.       Board Attorney – Glenn Kienz, Weiner Law Group LLP

Ø  Land Use Board Business – ($0)

2.      Board Planner – Jessica Caldwell, J. Caldwell & Associates

Ø  Land Use Board Business – Services Through ($0)

Ø  Sussex Cultivation, LLC – LU# 2-23-4 – Services Through 5/3/23 ($260.00)

3.   Board Engineer – Cory Stoner, Harold E. Pellow & Associates

Ø Land Use Board Business – Services Through 4/26/23 ($207.00)

Ø  Minerals Resort & Spa – LU# 1-23-1 – Services Through 4/12/23 ($69.00)

Ø  Sussex Cultivation, LLC – LU# 2-23-4 – Services Through 4/25/23 ($4,312.00)

Ø  FW Webb – LU# 2-23-2 - Services Through 4/26/23 ($207.00)

Ø  Bright Horizons, LLC – LU# 1-22-1 – Services Through 4/10/23 ($875.00)

Ø  Mountain Creek – PB# 2-91-4 – Services Through 4/20/23 ($447.50)

4.    Board Recording Secretary – Irene Mills ($75.00)

B.    Request for Escrows to be closed






Next Meeting: June 28, 2023



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