Township Council Regular Meeting

Time: 6:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Statement: Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided to the public and the press on January 5, 2010 in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, N.J.S.A. 10:4-6. Notice of this Meeting was sent to the New Jersey Herald and was posted on the bulletin board in the Municipal Building.
  3. Roll Call
  4. Executive Session
  5. Salute to the Flag
  6. Changes to Agenda
  7. Public Comments
  8. Items for Discussion Only
    1. Manager’s Report
    2. Township Attorney’s Report
  9. Items for Action
    1. Approval of Minutes by Vote
      1. Special Meeting October 27, 2009
      2. Executive Session October 27, 2009
      3. Regular Meeting November 30, 2009
      4. Executive Session November 30, 2009
      5. Regular Meeting December 10, 2009
      6. Executive Session December 10, 2009
  10. Consent Agenda
    1. Resolution #10-17: Approval of Bills List
  11. Resolutions Requiring Discussion & Separate Action (vote taken)
    1. Resolution #10-18: Authorizing the Use of the New Jersey State Contract Program, Contract #67176, for the Purchase of a Document Scanner, in the Amount of $8,647.23 for Use in the Municipal Center for the Purpose of Records Retention
    2. Resolution #10-19: Amending Resolution #07-194 and Approving Change Order to Hatch Mott MacDonald in the Amount of $937.04
    3. Resolution #10-20: Authorizing a Contract and Maintenance Agreement with Capture (E-Websity, Inc.) for the Year 2009 in the Amount Not to Exceed $6,292.00
    4. Resolution #10-21: Amendment to Resolution #10-10, 2010 Municipal Temporary Budget
    5. Resolution #10-22: Authorizing the Award of Contract for Professional Services for Specific Municipal Auditing Services
    6. Resolution #10-23: Authorizing Approval for Manager to Carry Over Vacation Time Accrued in 2008
    7. Resolution #10-24: Awarding a Contract to ______________in the Amount of $________ for an Assessment and Estimate to Repair or Replace the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning(HVAC) System within the Vernon Township Municipal Building
    8. Resolution #10-25: Resolution to Adjust the Salaries of Former Employees of the Township of Vernon, County of Sussex and State of New Jersey for the Years 2008 and 2009
    9. Resolution #10-26: Resolution Appointing Fund Commissioner
  12. Introduction of Proposed Ordinances
    1. Ordinance #10-01: An ordinance regarding an increase in the employee health benefits plan annual premium contribution rate and copay amounts for all full-time township employees not subject to a collective bargaining agreement
  13. Council Business
    1. Appointments to Boards, Commissions and Committees:
      1. Environmental Commission
      2. Board of Recreation
      3. Board of Recreation
      4. Economic Development Advisory Commission
  14. Executive Session
  15. Adjournment