Meeting began at 7:00 p.m.


Elmer Platz
Teresa Vihti
Eddie Dunn
Melissa Wiedbrauk
Art Alviene
Natalie Buccieri

Previous Meeting Minutes Approved

Teresa Vihti approved, second by Art Alviene. Elmer Platz abstained.

Public Comments


Chairman’s Report

Thirty attendees at UPS job fair. Most learned about it from The Advertiser. Two grand openings on October 22, 2011—Bladz and Giana’s. Possible grand opening for Bo Ya Palace, Teresa V. to contact owner.

General Discussion

Discussed EDAC Facebook page. Craig to get content for our page on the township site. Outline of what we want on the site, get info from Gerry regarding new township site. Eddie to work with Vernon Chamber of Commerce to build our relationship.

Town Center Discussion

John Drake went to Trenton, was told we need to wait. The state has changed the process, per Jessica at Corey Stoner’s office. Need a risk assessment regarding landownership. Elmer to research how to pitch to businesses, Teresa to contact Chuisano for direction. Eddie to follow up with Land Use Board. Eddie to email a template to Natalie for assessment. Eddie also to follow up with John Ursin regarding a paper trail of our past designation.

Round Table Discussion

Missy, update on tree lighting, she has a meeting scheduled with the chamber. Currently looking for a tree. Elmer questioned the town center designation and the Highlands Act.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m. Motion by Natalie Buccieri, second by Art Alviene.

Next Meeting: November 7, 2011

Natalie Buccieri, Secretary