Services: Permits & Licenses

Residential Alarm Registration
Pursuant to township ordinances, all residential alarm systems must be registered with the Vernon Township Clerk.
In order to hold a bingo or raffles in Vernon, your non-profit organization must obtain a license from the township.
Construction Permits
Generally speaking, a construction permit will be required whenever more than an ordinary repair is being contemplated. The construction permit enables our officials to observe the progress of the work to be sure it meets code.
Dog Licenses
Pursuant to township ordinance and state law, any dog which has attained the age of seven months or which possesses a set of permanent teeth must be licensed and have a current metal registration tag securely fastened to a collar or harness.
Donation Clothing Bin Permits
Organizations seeking to locate a donation clothing bin within the Township of Vernon must first apply for and obtain a valid permit from the zoning officer.
Fire Safety Permits
Pursuant to New Jersey’s Uniform Fire Code, a fire safety permit is required for certain activities taking place within the township.
Long Term Rental Registration
All rental properties in Vernon Township that are rented to one occupant (individual or family) for 30 days or more, must be registered with the township clerk’s office.
Liquor Licenses
The township clerk’s office handles the issuance, renewal and transfer of liquor licenses within Vernon Township.
Vacant and Abandoned Property Registration
If you own a residential property in Vernon Township which is vacant and abandoned, you are required to register your property with the municipal clerk’s office and pay an initial registration fee.
Peddler/Solicitor Licenses
Pursuant to Chapter 428 of Vernon’s code, all peddlers and solicitors are required to be licensed by Vernon Township.
Short Term Rentals
Short term rental properties must be registered with the township and inspected.
Temporary Outdoor Activity Permit
A temporary outdoor activity permit is required for many organized outdoor activities.