Services: Permits & Licenses


In order to hold a bingo or raffles in Vernon, your non-profit organization must obtain a license from the township. But before you can do that, your organization must be registered as a “qualified” organization with the state’s Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (LGCCC).

To register with the state, your organization must submit a completed application accompanied by a non-refundable registration fee of $100.00. Senior citizen clubs and organizations are exempt from the registration fee. The initial registration is good for two years and it can be renewed every two years thereafter for $100.00.

Once your organization is qualified to conduct games of chance under the provisions of state law and is in receipt of an identification number from the LGCCC, it may apply for a bingo or raffles license from the township clerk. Because your application must undergo review by both the township and the state, you are advised to submit your application to the clerk at least sixty days prior to your event.

Downloadable application forms are available at the bottom of this page. Have questions or need more information? Contact the Vernon Township Clerk’s Office at 973.764.4055, ext. 2234.

Licensing Fees

Although the township is permitted to charge its own fees in addition to the LGCCC’s fees, it does not do so at this time. When you submit your bingo or raffles application to the township, it must be accompanied by a check made payable to the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission in the amount determined from the schedule of fees which follows.

Bingo$20.00 for each occasion on which any game or games of bingo are to be conducted under the license.
On-Premises Raffles
50/50, less than $400.00No fee.
50/50, $400.00 +$20.00 for each day on which a drawing is to be conducted under the license.
Merchandise, less than $400.00No fee.
Merchandise, $400.00 +$20.00 for each day on which a drawing is to be conducted under the license.
Off-Premises Raffles
50/50$20.00 fee at the time of application for each day a drawing is to be held. In the event that the awarded prize exceeds $1,000.00, then an additional fee of $20.00 per thousand or part thereof in value of the awarded prize shall be forwarded to the state together with the Report of Operations form.
Merchandise$20.00 for each $1,000.00 or part thereof of the total retail value of the prize.
Other Types of Raffles
Non-Draw Raffles$20.00 for each wheel or game held on any one day, or any series of consecutive days not exceeding six at one location. (Examples: carnival games or wheels.)
Instant Raffle Games$20.00 for each day on which instant raffle tickets are sold or offered for sale or $750.00 for a one-year license to sell, or to offer for sale, instant raffle tickets during that year.
Golf Hole-in-One Contest$20.00 per $1,000.00 or part thereof of the retail value of the ancillary prizes offered.
Casino Night$100.00 for each day of operation.

Form Downloads

These are fillable forms which means that they may be filled out on your computer and saved to your hard drive and/or printed out. To view and complete them, you will need the freely available Adobe Reader software installed on your computer, version 7 or higher.