Services: Recreation

Bench/Tree Memorial Program

Place a tree or park bench in the township’s Maple Grange Community Park in honor of a relative, friend, member of an organization or to commemorate a special day or event.

Memorial tree planted in Maple Grange Community Park
Photo: Memorial tree planted in Maple Grange Community Park

Anyone can sponsor this unique dedication which provides a lasting remembrance that can be enjoyed by all park visitors. Either of these donations will give back to the community in ways no other gift can.

The placement of tree and bench donations within the park is determined in collaboration with the township. Donors will be given several locations from which to choose. For trees, the available options may be influenced by the species selected.

Trees and benches can be ordered year round but installation/planting takes place only from April through October.

Benches have brass plaques mounted on them that state the name of the person in whose honor or memory the bench is donated; trees will be identified with a granite etched plaque cast in concrete.

Example of park bench available.
Photo: The park bench
  • Park bench with plaque: $1,000.00
    The park bench is 6 feet long, made of recycled plastic and has a cedar-colored top and seat with a black frame. The plaque is made of brass and can hold three lines of up to 40 characters per line.
  • Tree donation with plaque: $100.00
    Donors provide the tree, the township provides the plaque and labor to install both. Examples of trees that have been found to grow well in the park include thundercloud plum, Douglas fir, Cleveland pear, weeping cherry and Kwanzan cherry. A general size guideline is anything that will grow 20 to 30 feet tall and 15 to 20 feet wide.

A ceremony or gathering at the time of a tree planting or bench unveiling is welcome, but it must be arranged in advanced with the recreation department.

For more information, please contact the Vernon Township Department of Recreation and Community Development at 973.764.4055, ext. 2261.