Public Safety: Police Department


The Vernon Township Police Department, led by Police Chief Daniel B. Young, consists of two divisions—the administrative division and the operations division.

Administrative Division

This division is responsible for all dispatch and records personnel as well as all technological equipment.

Operations Division

This division is responsible for all patrol and investigative functions of the police department.

Up-to-Date Information

Most of our up-to-date real time information can be found on the Vernon Township Police Facebook page. This is where we post everything from road closures and community event announcements to up-to-date information during major storm events. You do not need a Facebook account to view our page. If you use a mobile device that is compatible with Facebook Mobile, you can also sign up to receive these updates as text messages.


  • Chief Daniel B. Young
  • Capt. Keith Kimkowski
  • Lt. Bill Fischer
  • Lt. Jason Haw
  • Sgt. Charles Reid
  • Sgt. William Mutz
  • Sgt. David Dehardt
  • Sgt. Kenneth Kuzicki
  • Sgt. Shaun Fitzgerald
  • Det. Sgt. Daniel S. Young
  • Det. Keith Curry
  • Ptl. Steve Gentle
  • Ptl. Derrick Scuderi
  • Ptl. Harry Russo
  • Ptl. William Terrill
  • Ptl. Ronald Koumaras
  • Ptl. Steve Rovetto
  • Ptl. Brian Patterson
  • Ptl. Jason Mangano
  • Ptl. Nicholas Palmisano
  • Ptl. Adam Kraus
  • Ptl. Sean Perry
  • Ptl. Matthew Hackett
  • Ptl. Colton Rembish
  • Ptl. John Gales
  • Ptl. Abigail Lorenz
  • Ptl. Felix Martinez
  • Ptl. Joseph White
  • Ptl. Matthew Maines
  • Ptl. Nicholas Gonzalez
  • Ptl. Jake Costello
  • Ptl. Joseph Roccasanta
  • Ptl. Lucas Anderson

Firearms Purchases

Visit the New Jersey State Police Firearms Application Registration System (FARS).