Township Revaluation Scheduled to Begin

Posted: March 14, 2019

On February 11, 2019, the tax map project was approved by the New Jersey Division of Maps and on February 28, 2019, the revaluation ordered by the state was approved to begin by the New Jersey Division of Taxation.

On Monday, March 18, 2019, letters will be mailed and received within the week in order to alert property owners with regard to the beginning of inspections. Each representative of Realty Appraisal Company will carry a letter signed by the assessor as well as photo credentials. View the list of inspectors   which includes name, photo, type of car and license plate number.

Shortly, meetings will be arranged in order for residents to attend and understand what a revaluation entails. There will be a public meeting for information and questions will be addressed. Although the revaluation was ordered in 2013, it took this long for the maps to be approved and Realty Appraisal must work very quickly to implement a successful revaluation.

The State of New Jersey expects full cooperation from the township and the property owners. It is always in a property owner’s interest to allow the inspector inside the dwelling. It is within the regulations that if an inspector is not granted entry into the home, that home must be assessed for maximum value of what could be within the dwelling, since there is no way to value what is actually in the dwelling.

Kindly realize that the inspectors that will be taking exterior measurements, exterior photos and information about the inside of the dwelling are fact finders and not the people that will place the value on the property. That will come at a later date after a sales study and an entirely separate crew.

After the letters are received, if you have questions, please call the Vernon Township Division of Tax Assessments at 973.764.4055.