Storm Preparation Checklist

Posted: December 16, 2019

Winter storms bring heavy snow, high winds and downed trees, which could lead to power outages. If your power goes out, follow these quick tips from JCP&L to be prepared and to stay safe:

Be Prepared

  • Keep electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops and tablet computers fully charged.
  • Keep a flashlight, portable radio and extra batteries handy.
  • Gather extra blankets or a sleeping bag for each person.
  • If you have a water well and pump, keep an emergency supply of bottled water and/or fill your bathtub with fresh water.
  • Stock an emergency supply of convenience foods that do not require cooking.

Stay Safe

  • Never go near downed power lines, but report them immediately to your electric service provider or your local police or fire department.
  • Never use a portable generator inside the house or a closed garage.
  • Never use gas stoves, kerosene heaters or other open-flame heat sources to keep warm. These sources of heat can cause deadly carbon monoxide gas to build up in your home.

Stay Connected

  • JCP&L customers can report any outages by calling 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877), or by visiting the JCP&L website and clicking the “Report Outage” link.
  • For storm updates, follow JCP&L on Twitter @JCP_L, on Facebook or online at the JCP&L website.