Vernon Launches Shop Vernon Program

Posted: May 1, 2014

The Shop Vernon property tax incentive program, designed to bring tax relief as a reward for shopping local, is open for business!

How does it work?

Residents presenting the Shop Vernon card at a participating merchant will have a percentage from their purchase go towards their property tax bill for the year. The percentage is determined by each merchant individually. For example, if a resident has a $200 dinner at a participating restaurant in Vernon, where that merchant’s program rebate is defined as 10%, then $20 (less nominal third-party program management and processing fees) would be applied as a credit against the tax bill of that resident.

Annually, when the township issues the next property tax bill, the cumulative transactions show up as a tax credit thereby reducing the tax due for the property owner in the upcoming period. The more homeowners shop at the local participating merchants, the more property tax credits they accumulate.

Not a property owner? No problem! If you are a renter or live in a different town, you can still participate. Instead of a tax rebate, you will receive an annual check reflecting the total rebates earned.

View complete details and a list of participating merchants »