Vernon Township Mayor’s Updated Statement on the Coronavirus

Posted: April 3, 2020

Vernon Family, today we had 4 more new confirmed COVID-19 case—a 42-year-old female, a 57-year-old male, a 64-year-old female, and a 67-year-old female. This brings our total number of confirmed COVID-19 case to 24.

There were 28 new confirmed cases in our county today, bringing our county’s total to 185.

Vernon’s 24 confirmed COVID-19 case equal 11% of the county’s total.

The county also had 2 more COVID-19 related deaths—an 80-year-old male and a 92-year-old female—bringing our county’s COVID-19 related death total to 9.

The 92-year-old male who died today was a Sparta resident; and, while the 80-year-old male who died today was listed as a Newton death because he died in an assisted living facility in Newton, he was actually a Vernon resident.

I and the other mayors in Sussex County have repeatedly asked, at the county and state levels, that there be a COVID-19 testing site in our county. The response has been that due to the limited number of COVID-19 test kits available nationally and in New Jersey, plus the limited availability of personal protection equipment for the health workers who would do the testing, there is no ability to establish a testing site in our county at this time.

I have learned that there has been a total of 522 Sussex County residents tested for the COVID-19 virus, and that 309 or 59% of them tested negative, and 213 of 41% tested positive.

That’s it for today. While these are uncertain times, I ask that you join me in embracing and looking this uncertainty squarely in the eyes, with the knowledge that some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives don’t have a title until much later.

We can get through this because VERNON CARES, and we are collective VERNON STRONG!


Howard L. Burrell, Mayor