Vernon Township Mayor’s Updated Statement on the Coronavirus

Posted: March 25, 2020

Vernon Family, I had hoped that I would not have to give you another Coronavirus update this soon, however, today the Sussex County Health Department informed me that there had been another 10 Sussex County residents who had tested positive for the Coronavirus, and that one of those individuals was a 64-year-old female Vernon resident.

The other nine new confirmed cases are in Newton, Wantage, Sparta, Sandyston, and Hampton with one each; with Frankford and Hardyston having two.

This brings our county’s total number of cases to 32.

While I don’t like hearing this news, I am never the less not at all surprised—as I have previously said, there are significant increases in Coronavirus cases throughout our nation and our state.

Of New Jersey’s 565 municipalities, Vernon Township has a larger population than 467 or 82% of them. That fact, combined with the fact that over 60% of the approximate 19k workers age 16 years and older commute out of Vernon for work to some of the Coronavirus “hot spots” means that we will likely get our share of cases.

At this point in time, there is no vaccine to protect us against the Coronavirus and no medications approved to treat it. However, what has been proven to prevent/limit the spread of this virus is (1) practicing social distancing, (2) avoiding large crowds and gatherings, (3) practicing good hand hygiene, and (4) staying home if you are sick.

Most of us who are alive today have never experienced conditions like those that have been forced on us by this Coronavirus but I ask you to join me in keeping your personal hope, along with the hope of our town, our county, our state our nation and the world alive. For hope is the mode via which we transport ourselves from fear to courage.

Howard L. Burrell, Mayor