Mayor Burrell on the Upcoming Winter Storm

Posted: December 16, 2020

My Vernon Family, just as this second wave of COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in the lives of most across our nation, it has also had its negative impact on our Vernon Department of Public Works (DPW) staffing.

As part of our efforts to serve the residents of the town with the most cost effective and efficient government possible, we have a DPW staff of just 24 individuals to take care of the snow removal needs of the over 100 miles of roads (not counting county or state roads) in our 70 square mile township.

We are fortunate in that up to this point in time, no employees in the municipal center have been victims of this COVID-19 second wave. However, it has resulted in a number of our DPW employees being either sick or quarantined.

This is to let you know that if the predictions of 18 to 24 inches of snowfall for tonight become a reality, with our reduced DPW staff, it will take us longer than usual to remove the snow as desired from all of our roads.

We ask for your understanding and patience.

In anticipation of likely electrical power outages, I am coordinating closely with representatives from our electrical power supply companies, JCP&L and Sussex Rural Electric.

In addition, I am coordinating closely with our emergency management coordinator, Mr. Ken Clark, the office of Congressman Josh Gottheimer, and my contacts at the New Jersey governor’s office, to ensure that Vernon Township gets all available assistance in addressing the issues that will for sure come with this storm.


Howard L. Burrell, Mayor