Extensive Block & Lot Numbering Changes to Occur

Posted: January 25, 2019

Shortly after February 1, 2019, all property owners in Vernon will receive the property assessment postcard (Chapter 75). Please be advised that all blocks and lots within the township will be changed and identified on the postcards.

This change is due to Vernon’s new tax maps which had to be completed by “NJ Tax Map Regulations and Standards” per the Department of the Treasury, Division of Taxation in order to comply with the revaluation as ordered by the NJ Division of Taxation.

We realize this will be a difficult time for residents as well as the staff in the municipal building. Block and lot identifications have not changed for decades, with the exception of changing from alpha numeric to fully numeric.

Be assured that the change in block and lot numbers will have no impact upon ownership, or identity of parcels. The address is the identity of the structure and/or vacant lot. Blocks and lots are used expressly as a tool to identify parcels.

If you have any questions regarding this changeover, please contact the tax assessor at 973.764.4055 and wait for the prompt for tax assessor.