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Agenda: January 28, 2010*

Township Council Special Meeting/Work Session

Time: 4:00 p.m.

  1. Introduction of Attendees
  2. Overview and History of the Sewer Project
  3. Discussion of the Various Vernon Contracts
    1. Vernon—SCMUA
    2. Vernon—Mountain Creek
    3. Vernon—United Water
  4. Review of Outstanding Items & Project Time Lines
    1. BPU Approval (United Water)
    2. TWA applications (Mountain Creek)
    3. Sewer Ordinance (Vernon)
    4. Construct Last Link of Sewer Pipe (Mountain Creek)
    5. Adopt Sewer Service Area Map (Vernon)
    6. Prepare Flow Metering Plan (Vernon)
    7. Replace/Upgrade Sewer Pump Station # 1 (Mountain Creek)
  5. Discussion on Public Water
  6. Questions—Open to the Public
  7. Adjournment