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Block & Lot Numbering Changes:
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The Vernon Township Division of Tax Assessments, within the Vernon Township Department of Administration, is responsible for the following:

  • valuing all real and personal property in the township for purposes of assessment and taxation
  • preparing the tax list
  • maintaining the township tax map
  • conducting property appraisals for municipal purposes

The table below provides an overview of the total assessed valuation for the Township of Vernon on January 30, 2019. As it relates to property taxes, the valuation is used in determining the annual tax rate and apportioning tax dollars for the the township, the public school district and the county.

2019 Ratable Base and Exempt Properties Summary
ClassType# ParcelsLand ValueImprov. ValueTotal Value
3AFarm (Regular)118$15,780,700$21,775,500$37,556,300
3BFarm (Qualified)218$1,754,7000$1,754,700
RATABLE TOTAL13,705$1,301,982,900$1,281,326,000$2,583,308,900
ClassType# ParcelsLand ValueImprov. ValueTotal Value
15APublic Schools6$3,055,900$45,573,400$48,629,300
15BOther School0$0$0$0
15CPublic Property549$131,786,800$8,342,100$140,128,900
EXEMPT TOTAL860$150,370,300$74,506,000$224,876,300