All meeting minutes posted on the township website are unofficial minutes. Official copies of minutes may be obtained from the Vernon Township Department of Recreation and Community Development.

Minutes: March 21, 2012

The regular meeting was called to order at 7:50 p.m. by Mary Bradley.

Board Members in Attendance

Denise Urbaniak
Justin Annunziata
Raeline Kennedy
Mary Ellen Vichiconti
Mary Bradley
Melissa Wiedbrauk

Board members Diane Cook and Don Sledgeski were excused.

Also in Attendance

Cherie Shortway


Motion to approve February 15th minutes made by Raeline Kennedy, seconded by Justin Annunziata, minutes approved unanimously.

New Business

Couch to 5K program

  • Cherie Shortway presented an overview of the 8-week program. Kick-off will be on April 22nd and conclude with the Vernon Day 5K run on June 10th. Program overview will also be presented at the March 26th town council meeting. Charity proceeds from this year’s race will be donated to the Fieldhouse family. Cherie Shortway will contact the family regarding volunteers for the race.
  • Also needed for the 5K race are sponsors, items for goody bags, and a DJ.

Old Business

EarthFest Activities

Mary Bradley presented several different ideas for crafts made from recyclable plastic bottles and caps. Board members decided on 3 different crafts for children to make at the recreation board table during EarthFest.

Recreation Director Report

  • The Vernon Youth Soccer tournament will be held the weekend of March 24-25 and Vernon PAL is looking for volunteers to work at the snack bar.
  • The teen meet and greet with senior citizens needs to be scheduled by April 12th at 11 a.m. Mary Bradley will remind teen representatives.
  • Senior citizen board did agree to let teens use the senior center on Fridays only on a trial basis. The board wants to meet with the teen representatives to discuss what type of activities will be held. It was also discussed that the teens could give back to the seniors with computer help and playing games.
  • A Wii game and console has been donated to the teens.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.