All meeting minutes posted on the township website are unofficial minutes. Official copies of minutes may be obtained from the Vernon Township Department of Recreation and Community Development.

Minutes: February 1, 2012

The regular meeting was called to order at 7:34 p.m. by Mary Bradley.

Board Members in Attendance

Frank Annunziata
Diane Cook
Mary Urbaniak
Justin Annunziata
Raeline Kennedy
Ellen Vichiconti
Mary Bradley
Melissa Wiedbrauk

Board member Don Sledgeski was excused.

Also in Attendance

Mayor Vic Marotta

Open to the Public

Information gathering surveys were given to all teens in attendance. Mary Bradley asked township teens who were in attendance what they would like to have as activities in town and for other ideas. The sentiment of the teens attending was that if you are not into sports, skiing or snow boarding then there are not a lot of options in town.

Several teens gave the following ideas:

  • Hang-out/cafe type setting for a youth activity center
    • Open to high school age teens only
    • Open year round, suggested times of 3:00 - 8:00 p.m.
    • Host different events. Suggestions included music, Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, Friday pizza nights, karaoke/open mic nights
    • Also designate quiet areas
  • Transportation/shuttle bus to key places, i.e. PAL, Maple Grange Park, youth activity center, lake communities, etc. Also an after school pick up at the high school to these destinations.
  • Town-wide talent show
  • Volleyball court at Maple Grange Park
  • Bus trips to New York City
  • Shuttle bus service to Rockaway Mall
  • Vernon Sports Day at Maple Grange
  • Mountain Creek locals day with free or reduced ticket prices
  • Career day/resume building/teen job fair
  • Nature hikes
  • Art and photography group
  • Summer skate board competition at Mountain Creek South area
  • Summer-time town play
  • Summer movie night
  • Summer-time giant hide-n-seek or manhunt game

Mayor Marotta suggested the senior center as a potential place for a youth activity center. He also recommended that a committee be established and devise a proposal to be presented to the senior center and the township council members. Items that need to be addressed include adult supervision, daily clean-up, cost.

Mary Ellen Vichiconti also suggested the Highland Lakes Fire Department and Our Lady of Fatima as possible sites for a youth center.

The best way to market a youth activity center or events is via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr social networks. Information can also be posted at the high school. Justin Annunziata volunteered to start a Vernon Township Teen Facebook page. A teen who attends Sussex Tech school also suggested posting info on that school’s website.

Also discussed was ways the teens in town could give back and show appreciation to the town’s senior citizens if an agreement was reached to use the senior center. Ideas included playing games, music, free attendance to final dress rehearsals for talent shows or plays that are sponsored by the youth activity center.


Minutes for the 8/3/11, 8/17/11, 9/7/11 and 10/5/11 were reviewed and approved.

Recreation Director Report

The first vendor application for Vernon Day has been received.

Discussion from Members

Denise Urbaniak reported that there would be no charge for Earth Fest booths for non-profit organizations who are not selling any type of product.

Meeting adjourned at 9:27 p.m.