Ordinance No. 16-14

Introduced: May 23, 2016
Public Hearing: June 27, 2016
Status: Adopted

An ordinance of the Township of Vernon, County of Sussex, State of New Jersey authorizing correcting the zoning map for Block 141 Lot 12.02 to be included in the C-3 zone

WHEREAS, the Township of Vernon maintains a zoning map to delineate which zone a property is placed in; and

WHEREAS, Block 141 Lot 12.02 is split on the current zoning may in the R-4 and C-3 Zones; and

WHEREAS, Ordinance 88-11 indicates that Block 141 Lot 12.02 should be in the C-3 Zone; and

WHEREAS, from time to time, adjustments are made on the zoning map; and

WHEREAS, the Land Use Board has recommended correcting the zoning map; and

WHEREAS, the Township Council is in agreement with the recommendation of the Zoning Board.

NOW THEREFORE IT BE ORDAINED that the zoning map of the Township of Vernon shall be corrected to indicate that the property identified as Block 141 Lot 12.02 shall be included in the C-3 Zone.

NOW THEREFORE IT BE FURTHER ORDAINED by the Township Council of the Township of Vernon that the Municipal Clerk is directed to take appropriate steps so that the new zoning map is filed and the tax maps of the Township of Vernon are amended accordingly.

Effective Date. This Ordinance shall take effect upon final passage and publication as provided by law.