Ordinance No. 12-03

Introduced: February 27, 2012
Public Hearing: March 12, 2012
Status: Adopted

An ordinance of the Township of Vernon, County of Sussex, State of New Jersey, amending the code of the Township of Vernon

BE IT ORDAINED, by the Township Council of the Township of Vernon that the Code of Vernon Township, Ordinance 11-21 is hereby supplemented and amended as follows:

  1. Article III General Administration, Section 5-12(G) “Departments and Offices” shall be amended to include “8. Department of Fire Prevention.”
  2. Article XII Department of Public Safety, Section 5-68. Organization of Department shall be amended to remove “C. Office of Fire Safety Official.”
  3. Article XII Department of Public Safety, Section 5-71 shall be amended to read as follows: [reserved for future use].
  4. Article XIV shall become “Department of Fire Prevention” and shall be amended as follows:
    1. “Section 5-74. Establishment; Fire Marshal as head. There is hereby established a Department of Fire Prevention, the head of which shall be the Fire Marshal.”
    2. “Section 5-75. Duties of Fire Marshal. The Fire Marshal shall be responsible, among other responsibilities which may be assigned from time to time, for:
      1. The inspection of all buildings and structures within the Township in conformity with the New Jersey and National Fire Safety Codes.”