Government: Boards/Committees

Municipal Utilities Authority

The Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority was established by ordinance in May of 2011.

As an independent agency under the aegis of the mayor and council, it was created specifically to oversee the day-to-day operations of the township’s sewer system. In this capacity, it has authority and jurisdiction over the collection and disposal of sewerage and wastewater, maintenance, rate setting, billing, policy decisions and capital planning.

The authority is governed by a board consisting of five commissioners and up to two alternates, all of whom are appointed by the township council. Terms of members and alternates are both five years, except that the terms for the inaugural set of appointed members will have staggered expiration dates ranging from service of one to five years.

2022 Municipal Utilities Authority Roster
Authority MemberTerm Ends
Paul Kearney, Chairman2/2024
Andrew Pitsker, Vice Chairman2/2026
Dave McDermott2/2025
Edward Snook2/2027
Kristin G. Wheaton2/2023
Scott Galway, Alternate #12/2026
Edward DeYoung, Alternate #22/2025