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Master Plan

Vernon Township’s master plan was adopted by the Vernon Township Planning Board on December 27, 1995. It is available online in PDF format and can be downloaded as one complete file (3.6 MB)  or in four separate files as noted below. It may also be viewed at the municipal building during regular business hours.

2022 Master Plan Update (3,945 KB) 

2016 Master Plan Update (2,016 KB) 

Software Requirements: To view these documents, you’ll need the freely available Adobe Reader software installed on your computer, version 8 or higher.

Master Plan: Part One (961 KB) 
Resolution of memorialization, table of contents, introduction
I. Goals and Objectives
II. Land Use Plan
III. Housing Plan
IV. Demographic Characteristics

Master Plan: Part Two (595 KB) 
V. Circulation Plan
VI. Utility Plan
VII. Community Facilities Plan
VIII. Parks, Open Space & Recreation Plan

Master Plan: Part Three (608 KB) 
IX. Conservation Plan
X. Economic Plan
XI. Historic Preservation Plan
XII. Recycling Plan
XIII. Comparison with Other Plans

Master Plan: Maps (1.4 MB) 
Map II-1: Land Use Plan
Map VIII-1 Open Space/Recreation
Map IX-2: Aquifiers

Vernon Township Zoning Map (2.6 MB)