Minutes: September 2, 2020

Meeting Called to Order

Present are Nancy Adams, William Brown, Shawn Mazur, Jessi Paladini, and Barbara Kostenko. Absent: Ann Ross, Dee Franklin.

Statement of Compliance was read by Debbie Coulson.

Jessi Paladini announced that the Historic Glenwood signage is ready. She will talk to Ed Babcock (Vernon DPW) as to putting up the sign and cover with a black bag. The date is scheduled for September 13, 2020 at 1:00 for the dedication. Shawn Mazur will talk to Brian and Michelle regarding this event. Jessi Paladini will contact the mayor, and newspapers such as the New Jersey Herald, and the Vernon Advertiser.

Jessi Paladini asked Nancy Adam about the “cemetery signage” and asked about a date for the dedication. Nancy Adam said that in 2021 it will be 120 years for the church and possibly April would be a good time for a ceremony and the signage dedication. Nancy Adam will ask the church board where they want the signage.

The cemetery has one side Methodist and one side Episcopal, possibly somewhere in the middle. Nancy Adam has a meeting with the church on Friday.

Jessi Paladini brought up the Kings Highway marker on Rte. 94 between the Vernon Inn and the New York state line.

Jessi Paladini stated that at the scenic byway meeting that they would be able to give us another marker and the Iron Furnace marker as well.

Jessi Paladini stated that it was a county grant, when applied there was no mention of the cost of $2340. Bill Truran said the county is paying $1000 of the cost. Jessi Paladini stated that we will have to pay the difference.

Barbara Kostenko asked if the state park could pay something toward it. Jessi Paladini stated “no.”

William Brown on the historic farming district stated that very few families today have ties to the historical agriculture families. We need to write up what are the main features or products from this time. Maybe a brochure and maps of sites at the time, and maybe markers for sites still there.

  1. Boundaries such as VanDokenburg, Rickey to the New York state line, Barrett Farm. (Shawn Mazur will look at the 1860 map to see boundaries)
  2. Agriculture - Write up a brief history, slave cemetery (Will Brown will look for the slave cemetery area.) William Brown said that Dan and Carol Kadish House on Prices Switch Road is the house that still has the steel rings. Unclear as to Kadish House or Struble House has rings.
  3. Natural geographic area. Orchards, etc.

William Brown stated that as with historical farming most fields have extensive work.

Jessi Paladini discussed boundaries and history and will email Ron Dupont and include William Brown.

CLG Status

Shawn Mazur sent the guidelines to go over.

Jessi Paladini started with Appendix B Page 11

Municipality: Vernon, County Sussex

  1. Local government has a local ordinance which provides designation and protection of historic properties? Yes (need to attach the ordinance and amendments)
  2. Does the ordinance go along with the CLG guidelines? Yes
  3. Historic Preservation Commission? Yes
  4. Commission members names, demonstrated interest, competence, knowledge of historic preservation. Indicate if member is architect, historian, or related field. Submit a resume for each member. Indicate how they meet the professional requirements of App A.
  5. Outline the steps taken to appoint professional members.
  6. Exemption requested?

Page 12

  1. Explain how the commission will qualify professional expertise in the review of nominations: (to be completed)
  2. Procedure to ensure vacancies filled within 60 days? (to be completed)
  3. Commission holds meetings? One per month
  4. Attendance rule for members? (to be completed)
  5. Commission has rules of procedure available to the public which include conflict of interest? (to be completed, with a copy)
  6. Local government certify that the historic preservation commission be responsible for all duties underlined by II.B>8.a? (To be completed).

National Register Nominations

  1. Local government agrees to participate? (to be completed)

Local Survey and Inventory

1, 2, 3 to be completed.

Page 13 Public Participation

  1. All meetings in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act? Yes.
  2. All decisions made in public and applicants notified of meetings? Yes.
  3. Commission keeps written meeting minutes? Yes. Include criteria and standards? Yes. Minutes kept on file available to the public? Yes.
  4. All rules of procedures adopted are available for public inspection? Yes.

Compliance with the New Jersey Register of Historic Places Act and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended.

  1. Will request the authorization of the commissioner of the Environmental Protection Department prior to encroaching upon a resource listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places? Yes.
  2. Does the local government currently have an executed MOA covering compliance with Section 106 for CDBG and UDAG projects? (we are working on it)

Page 14 Appendix C

  1. Ordinance is in force. (Attach copy).
  2. New ordinances please attach.
  3. Number and list new landmarks historic district designations. Attach copy of map.
  4. Number of cases reviewed: alterations, demolitions, new construction.

Local Historic Preservation Commission

  1. 12 meetings per year.
  2. Each member attends 12 meetings per year.
  3. Qualified professional expertise: Shawn Mazur-volunteer, architect; Wayne McCabe-volunteer, planner.
  4. Professional development training?
  5. Changes in membership of commissioners.

National Register Nominations

  1. List of National Register nominations reviewed by commission: Meadowburn (spelling) and St. Thomas Church.

Page 15 Local Survey and Inventory/Appendix C

  1. Number of new inventory forms completed.
  2. Copies of each new and revised survey.
  3. Provide date for completion of the last survey update.

Public Participation

  1. Provide an outline of the public notification procedures and sample notice.
  2. Copy of minutes and agendas for each commission meeting held? Yes.

Compliance with NJ State Registers of Historic Places Act and the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended.

  1. List all undertakings for the period
  2. Has local government signed a MOA to cover federal CDBG and UDAG projects? Indicate the date the MOA was executed by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

Page 16 Appendix D

Local Legislation

1, 2, 3 questions are left unanswered for now.

Local Historic Preservation Commission/Public Participation

  1. CLG maintain a qualified commission? Yes
  2. Commission holds at least 4 regular meetings? Yes.
  3. Commission maintains and operates in accordance with their by-laws? Yes.
  4. Qualified profession expertise? Yes.
  5. Commission members attend a conference or training? Webinar Scenic Byway, Dept. of Transportation.
  6. All vacancies on the commission filled?

Page 17/Appendix D continued

  1. New appointees evidence competence? Yes.
  2. Qualified professionals to fill vacancies? Yes.
  3. CLG forwarded resumes to HPO of new members?
  4. Resumes are compliant with qualification standards?
  5. Commission demonstrates it is active to designate landmarks? Yes.
  6. Meetings been publicly announced? Yes.
  7. Minutes have been maintained and available to public? Yes.
  8. Minutes include all decisions and actions? Yes.
  9. Commission flowed rules of procedure? Yes.

National Register Nominations

  1. Has the CLG changed by-laws or rules of procedure governing the process for accepting National Register applications from the public? Yes, the public can bring applications to us.
  2. Accurate record of each nomination? Yes.
  3. CLG forwarded copies pf each nomination received to HPO? Jessi Paladini will.
  4. 75% of all nominations to the CLG complete? Yes.
  5. 80% of all nominations to the HPO sent within a 60 day period? Yes.

Page 18

  1. Reports on nominations evaluate in relation to National Register criteria? Yes.
  2. State Review Board in 80% of cases? Left blank.

Local Survey and Inventory

  1. Archaeological and architectural historical surveys to CLG area of jurisdiction been initiated or completed satisfactory as per II.C.1-2? Yes, attached to master plan.
  2. Completed surveys for CLG has a system to keep up to date? Yes.
  3. CLG made forms available to HPO? Yes.

Compliance with NJ Register of Historic Places Act, and the National Preservation Act of 1966, as amended:

  1. CLG requested authorization of the comm of the Dept. of Environmental Protection prior to encroaching upon a resource listed?
  2. CLG complied with Section 106 of the Historic Preservation Act of 1966 in regard to federally funded, assisted or permitted activities undertaken by the local government? On building permits it should have a check box or question “Has this property been designated historic?”

Jessi Paladini mentioned a webinar to be held on October 14 on the scenic byway, by the Department of Transportation. Nancy Adam, Barbara Kostenko, and Jessi Paladini are interested.

Approval of July 2, 2020 meeting minutes. Barbara Kostenko made the motion to accept, William Brown second. All in favor.

Commissioner Comments

Barbara Kostenko said she is impressed with things getting done. There is a Route 94 marker already, so we need to be careful where we put our marker.

William Brown: no additional comments.

Shawn Mazur: no additional comments.

Jessi Paladini: no additional comments.

Shawn Mazur made a motion to adjourn, second by Barbara Kostenko. Meeting ended at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Debbie Coulson Demether