Minutes: October 17, 2013

Note: There is no recording for this meeting. The minutes were prepared using hand-written notes taken by Cynthia Davis.

Mr. Bates, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m.

Statement of Compliance

Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231 P.L., 1975, adequate notice as defined in Section 3D of Chapter 231, P.L. 1975, had been forwarded and published in the New Jersey Herald on February 1, 2013. Notice is also posted on the bulletin board and filed with the office of the Township Clerk.

Roll Call of Members

Charles BatesP
Christopher HankeP
Stephen SokolewiczP
Ted LaabsNP
Andrew BorisukP
Carol Gunn KadishP

Meeting Opened to the Public

No one came forward.

Closed Meeting to the Public


September 19, 2013

The minutes were reviewed, revised and approved by a motion made by Mr. Borisuk and seconded by Ma. Kadish. Mr. Sokolewicz abstained. All were in favor.

Old Business

HPC Members

Mr. Bates reminded the members that the HPC is in need of 1 permanent member and 2 alternate members. Mr. Sokolewicz said that he met with Ray Morris, the director of guidance at the high school regarding this issue. Mr. Morris suggested that a student representative from the National Honor Society for history might be interested in joining the HPC. Mr. Bates reminded everyone that a student representative/member must be 18 years old.

Glenwood Historic Area

Mr. Sokolewicz said that he will be adding a slide on the cemetery and school to the presentation for the area residents. Mr. Bates commented that he did not think the presentation will happen in early November as there is too much going on at Pochuck farm during this time. The mayor suggested to Mr. Bates that he could be the go-between with the Baptist church for another place to hold the presentation on a Sunday afternoon. The Baptist church has been a meeting place for Glenwood area and might be more conducive to a meeting of this type. The HPC members discussed and agreed to do the presentation in January 2014. Ms. Kadish asked that the presentation not compete with the historical society’s “Those Were the Days” programs held on the third Sunday of the month. She also suggested that when the presentation is complete, Mr. Sokolewicz can tell Mr. Bates and he and the mayor can pick a date. All members agreed.

Policy of Demolition of Buildings

Mr. Bates had nothing to report on the issue of demolition applications except to say that he and the mayor are working on it. He said that he has given Mr. Rowland a master sheet with blocks and lots of possible historic properties to be used when a demolition permit application is made. Mr. Hanke suggested that there be a 30-day grace period prior to a building being demolished so that the HPC can go and document the site with pictures. Mr. Bates volunteered to take pictures of the Houghtaling site before it is demolished.

Walker Homestead, Drew Homestead

Mr. Borisuk said that he had not had time to speak with Liz Walker this past month. He added that he will stop soon and also will go to speak with the owner of the Drew Farm.

Holly Lodge

Mr. Hanke said that he has not had an opportunity to see the owners as they live out of state. He will keep trying.


A discussion was had between the HPC members regarding how much control the HPC has over historic preservation in Vernon.


Mr. Bates passed around a letter from EBI Consulting which was asking for comments regarding any historic significance in the area surrounding their project (Verizon tower). Mr. Bates will respond with a letter saying there is no historic significance.

Applications to Review



A motion was made to adjourn the HPC meeting by Mr. Borisuk and seconded by Mr. Sokolewicz at 8:16 p.m. All were in favor.

Transcribed by Cynthia Davis on October 21, 2013.