Minutes: May 3, 2018

Call to Order

7:38 p.m.

Statement of Compliance

Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this regular meeting has been provided to the public and the press on January 14, 2018 by delivering to the press such notice and posting same at the municipal building and filed with the office of the township clerk.

Salute to the Flag

Roll Call

Lisa Anderson - Corresponding SecretaryP
Mark CilliA
Ronald J. Dupont Jr. - Vice ChairmanP
Dan Kadish - ChairmanP
Paul G. MeleA
Kristi Baldwin Raperto - liaison to the land use boardP
Kirk StephensP

Also Present—Laura Lai-Minteer, Recording Secretary

Public Participation

1. Open Meeting to the Public

Motion to open the meeting to the public was made by Ms. Anderson and was seconded by Chairman Kadish. All were in favor.

2. Close Meeting to the Public

Seeing no one from the public come forward, motion to close the meeting to the public was made by Ms. Anderson and seconded by Mr. Dupont.

Review of the Minutes

1. April 5, 2018—Regular Meeting. Motion to approve the minutes with amendments was made by Ms. Raperto and seconded by Ms. Anderson.

Roll Call Vote:
Ayes: Ms. Anderson, Chairman Kadish, Ms. Raperto, Mr. Stephens
Abstentions: Mr. Dupont
Motion carried.

New Business

1. Perry Cemetery

A. Memorialization

Chairman Kadish said the HPC members should consider the possibility of designating this cemetery, located on the Sammis Farm. Ordinance 13-05 memorialized cemeteries but did not include the Perry Cemetery or St. Thomas. The cemeteries that Ordinance 13-05 memorialized were Glenwood Cemetery, Edsall Farm (having three cemeteries within it, including the Edsall Slave Farm), McCamly Cemetery, Cherry Ridge Cemetery, and Canistear Cemetery. This is the list that is on the master plan, but Chairman Kadish does not think this list is complete. He said Edsall Farm has a cemetery on Benjamin Edsall on Lot 7, which was uncovered when a plough went through to plant corn. The Edsall Slaves Cemetery is on the top of the field, and there is another cemetery down in the corner, both unmarked and located next to Canal Road. Mr. Dupont said in 2011, Glenwood Baptist Cemetery, DeKay Cemetery 1, DeKay Cemetery 2, the Episcopal Church Cemetery, and the Williamsville Cemetery were memorialized. Mr. Dupont answered Chairman Kadish that the Longwell-Drew Cemetery was memorialized in 2006. Chairman Kadish suggested making one complete list containing all of the ordinances of memorialization.

B. Location

Mr. Dupont questioned if anyone knew the location of the Perry Cemetery. Chairman Kadish said that since the cemetery is located on the Sammis property, which is slated for development, there should be a concern to preserve it. He said the Perry house was the Kelly’s farmhouse. Mr. Dupont will make some inquiries to try to ascertain the location.

2. Vernon Valley Farm (Item Not on Agenda)

Chairman Kadish questioned if Mr. Stephens would be putting his house up for historic designation. Mr. Stephens asked what the implications or restrictions would be of doing so. Chairman said there are no restrictions with the current ordinance and that it is just a notation that the house is historically significant. Mr. Stephens and Mr. Dupont said they think the house was built in 1861. Mr. Stephens said they have not really done anything to the interior. He confirmed that the rafters are exposed in the big workroom located in the back of the house, which he said was an extension done in the ‘30s. Mr. Stephens said there were watch making tools and apparatus in there, which he thinks is from Albert’s father, who was a World War I doctor. Mr. Stephens explained that patients oftentimes could not afford Dr. Walker’s services and paid in whatever ways they could, resulting in an eclectic collection. He said they have every intention of keeping the house there in perpetuity. He said he is almost finished preserving the Drew farm, and the next step is looking at preserving the Walker piece. Mr. Stephens answered Mr. Dupont that he did put the Walker part of the property in for preservation. He said they are doing the title, today surveyors were there checking acreage, funds have already been set aside, and it should be finished by the end of June or July.

Old Business

1. Mission Statement

Ms. Anderson made proposed changes and provided copies to HPC members for review. Chairman Kadish suggested the following statement for (A): “Identify and protect properties and resources of architectural and historical significance associated with our history.” Ms. Anderson asked if the discussion should be tabled until Mr. Cilli could be present to explain the changes he proposed. Mr. Dupont said members could recommend changes now and then discuss the recommendations with Mr. Cilli. Mr. Dupont suggested the following statement for (A): “Identify and protect architecturally, historically, and archaeologically significant properties and resources associated with our history.”

Motion to table the discussion until the next HPC meeting, June 7, was made by Ms. Anderson and seconded by Ms. Raperto. All were in favor.

Ms. Anderson mentioned she will be unable to attend HPC meetings in June and July.

2. Rickey Homestead

Chairman Kadish said nothing new has occurred.

A. Local Historic Landmark Designation

He thinks the HPC should move forward with local historic landmark designation. A bank trust is the current owner, and Will Brown is the prospective buyer. Chairman Kadish said he likes the possible option of Will Brown purchasing it and setting up a 99-year lease for $1 per year to the (non-profit) entity that will be responsible for the HPC. Mr. Dupont said that while permission of the owner is not required for landmark designation, the HPC will need to inform the owner because the owner is allowed to comment. He said that in the past the HPC has shown some deference to the owner’s opinion, and a bank may not want that designation. Chairman Kadish said by that point the ownership may have changed to Mr. Brown, who does not object to designation. Mr. Dupont is not sure about eligibility for state or national landmark designation and said he would have to look into the history. Ms. Anderson offered information sourced from http://www.rickeyfarm.net. Mr. Dupont said the building is pretty well preserved but would have to be restored before application for the State Register of Historic Places. Chairman Kadish contends there is historical significance of the spring as an agricultural accessory of colonial preservation of food and thinks that the uniqueness of the building having a spring underneath it would be a primary building for rehabilitation. Mr. Dupont said arguing the significance of the Rickey family means showing with certainty the exceptional role the family played in the history of the town.

B. Homestead History

Mr. Dupont believes the Rickeys built that house in the late 1840s to 1860s, and Ms. Anderson referred to the online literature that said it was one of thirteen tracts of some division of the Hinchman estate. Mr. Dupont said the history is that Washington’s troops camped out near the Hinchman Colonial mansion (Burnt House Hill). Mr. Dupont said that when Hinchman died without a will and the 500-acre tract was subdivided amongst heirs in 1800, the deed only showed the cemetery. Chairman Kadish thought the house was more north than the barn on the same side near a small rise farther up the road near the electrical tower. Chairman Kadish thinks the cemetery was on the southern end of the parking lot across the road from the house in a little clump of trees, which at one time was a gravel pit. Mr. Dupont was under the impression that all of the graves from the Rickey cemetery were at some point moved to Warwick Cemetery, and that information can be searched online.

C. Local Historic Landmark Designation - Continued Discussion

Mr. Dupont agreed with Chairman Kadish that the HPC could begin the application process for local landmark designation and said it is basically the same paperwork needed to ask for an opinion for the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) on state eligibility. Mr. Dupont said state historic designation is a nice honor but does not provide any protection but local designation provides protection of what is in the local ordinance. Chairman Kadish wondered if the designation could include, if the town council passed it, a provision that the house could not be torn down. Mr. Dupont said that an ordinance would have to be passed to provide this same protection for all historic landmarks. Chairman Kadish answered Ms. Anderson that the process to getting such an ordinance included convincing town council of adopting it. Mr. Dupont would like to go through the house for a couple of hours for basic analysis but did not know the procedure of getting access to it. He said he would need to be the one to research and write about it. Chairman Kadish said the HPC would need to deal with the quorum issue or advertise it as an HPC work meeting that is closed to the public where no action will be taken. All HPC members in attendance showed an interest in being in attendance for it. Chairman Kadish said he would discuss it with the attorney. Chairman Kadish would like to see if a blank application for local historic landmark designation could be put on the township website.


Chairman Kadish said he has not heard anything except that an individual is planning to give $2,000 for what he assumes is to set up a 501(c)(3). He said after that, a donation site with a federal number would need to be in place. Chairman Kadish said he thinks it would be a great project for Vernon and answered Mr. Stephens that he would like to see the house used as a Vernon information center, a historic exhibition space, and artistic gallery where docents could give spring tours regarding its history.

A motion to approve the HPC moving forward on the designation of the Rickey House was made by Ms. Raperto and seconded by Mr. Dupont.

Roll Call Vote:
Ayes: Ms. Anderson, Mr. Dupont, Chairman Kadish, Ms. Raperto
Abstentions: Mr. Stephens
Motion carried.

3. Glenwood Presentation

The recording secretary provided documents prepared by her son, Cameron Connor Minteer of Boy Scout Troop 48, and updated the HPC about the status of the sign and app project. Connor’s idea is to create an app using Android SDK and add two QR codes on the sign, one for downloading the Android app and another one to link other types of phones to the Glenwood presentation, which would also be located on the township website. Chairman Kadish said he sees Connor developing this generally but he can also see the HPC going to some electronic college majors to set up as a project if it becomes too difficult for him to do. Whether or not the app should include only the Glenwood presentation would be discussed by HPC members, but either way Chairman Kadish would like to allow for an expansion to provide more features and also information as it becomes available. Mr. Stephens said he imagines that the slides would need reformatting for optimization for mobile screen viewing. Ms. Anderson pointed out that Connor wrote that it could be converted to an MP4 to have narration and sounds. Mr. Stephens said he thought the QR code would probably have to be bolted onto the sign legs to achieve the resolution necessary to be readable. Chairman Kadish said that the township webmaster would need to be involved in order to get the presentation on the website and said he supposed that each house could have a different QR code that links within the township, but that would needed to be discussed with the webmaster. Ms. Anderson suggested for Apple phones (and other phones besides Android) creating a simple QR code that directs users to a simple presentation and then having separate QR codes for each site. She said the simple site could give an overview of Glenwood and provide directions to each site. She envisioned each site having wooden posts with a QR code behind glass where users could click on the QR code to see a simple presentation of that site.

4. Farmland Historic Area

Chairman Kadish said he would like to pursue and will research further to see if there are any other similar areas.

5. Methodist/St. Thomas Signs

Chairman Kadish said he spoke with Charles (Bates) today who said he will happily work with the church on placement of the sign when it arrives. Chairman Kadish said he will ask the mayor and business administrator tomorrow for a status update on the sign vendor. He said he was under the impression that Jessi (Paladini) put the order in, but it appears that the order was not sent. There is an invoice number without a P.O. (purchase order) number.

Review of Land Use Board (LUB) Applications

1. LUB #6-15-8: Wilson Facility Management System Services, LLC - 17-19 Old Rudetown Road, Block 232, Lot 17 and Lot 17.01 - Final Site Plan

Chairman Kadish provided HPC members with an application for review to build a workshop on the existing parking lot on Rudetown Road. He said he has not sat on one hearing all year because he is on the council. Mr. Dupont said the back of a long racetrack used to be located where McAfee Hardware sits. The commission reviewed this application. Mr. Stephens said he thinks the building could be susceptible to water damage with the huge hill stripped, with not a lot of retention. Mr. Dupont moved to report to the LUB that the commission has found no historical element within this application, and Mr. Stephens seconded the motion.

Roll Call Vote:
Ayes: Ms. Anderson, Mr. Dupont, Mr. Stephens
Abstentions: Chairman Kadish, Ms. Raperto
Motion carried.

Commissioners’ Comments

1. Conference

Mr. Dupont informed HPC members that the New Jersey State Preservation Office is having its 2018 New Jersey History and Historic Preservation Conference on June 7 and June 8 at Passaic County Community College. He said he might not be able to attend but would send an email out if anyone was interested in attending.


Motion to adjourn was made by Ms. Anderson and seconded by Ms. Raperto. All were in favor. Meeting adjourned: 8:45 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Laura Lai-Minteer, Recording Secretary