Minutes: May 14, 2020

Minutes of Zoom Meeting

Present online: Adam, Brown, Franklin, Kostenko, Ross, Paladini, IPAD 2.

Motion to open the meeting to the public made by Franklin, second by Ross. All in favor. No public comments. Motion to close meeting made by Franklin, second by Ross. All in favor.

Old Business

President Paladini discussed signage on the cemetery issue. Concerning the sign already in possession, President Paladini contacted the company for a credit and her request was declined. The offer of returning the sign to have the other side printed with condensed wording was brought up. The prior commission had the sign ordered the way it is, so be it.

President Paladini was in contact with our mayor and considered two markers this year at a cost of $1800 each. One month ago the mayor approved paying for markers outside of the budget of $4000. Considering 1. Historic Glenwood Section, 2. Kings Highway-Rte. 94 through Warwick (George Washington and his troops used that route).

A motion to accept these areas for markers was made by Kostenko, and second by Ross.

President Paladini discussed that the Lowland Farms Designation is being worked on as we speak. The president will write them. The president asked Mr. Rickey three months ago to take this task on but it has not been worked on.

The Western Highlands, National Byway: President Paladini is not sure if this will be done by June due to the state shut down. Someone has to put all info into a national Form, and then it goes to the town, freeholders and Hardyston for approval. Most is already written and we need a volunteer to finish. Mrs. Bloom/state will review. It is already typed.

President Paladini applied for a grant for two additional historic markers.

Will Brown will look into the Historic Farm District and give feedback next meeting.

Also looking into Sawmills, Dairy Farms, second half of the 19th century, illustration of what was. Farms past center of Vernon to Warwick, house next to Heaven Hill Farm is not in the master plan. September 1, 2020 as a possible deadline.

Discussion on Virus

Committee Comments

A motion was made to approve the minutes from March 5, 2020 from Franklin, second by Adam. All in favor. Absent Wetzel, Mazur.

Coulson will send approved minutes to Irene Mills.

Historic events: High school students do not have graduation Kelly Mitchell made signs for all the graduates and they are posted though out the town.

June meeting should be a regular meeting.

Motion to adjourn made by Kostenko, Second by______.

Adjourned at 7:36 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Debbie Coulson Demether.