Minutes: March 13, 2008

Meeting was called to order at 7:18 p.m. by Charles Bates.

Statement of Compliance

Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, P.L. 1975 adequate notice as defined in Section 3D of Chapter 231, P.L. 1975 has been forwarded to the New Jersey Herald and published on February 29, 2007. Notice is also posted on the bulletin board and filed with the office of the Township Clerk.

Roll Call of Members

Members in attendance were Charles Bates, Charles Blessing, Andrew Borisuk, Kevin Cantaldi, Sharon Cheadle, Chris Hanke and Dick Wetzel. All members were in attendance.

Approval of Minutes

Charlie Blessing made a motion to approve the meeting minutes. Kevin Cantaldi seconded. All in favor (5), abstain (2).

Items of Discussion

Charlie Bates asked if there were any new names of people interested in joining the HPC. Charlie Blessing stated that the person that councilmember McLaughlin had recommended was no long interested. Sharon Cheadle stated that she may have a friend interested in joining the HPC. No other names were provided.

Old Business

Board of Education

Dick Wetzel spoke to Mr. Macarino was in support of saving the building but he indicated that the township wants the building; the Board of Education may then move into the municipal complex.

Andrew Borisuk does not think that the two issues should be combined.

Charlie Blessing stated that he does not think that the planning board opinion would change except for the two council members on the board.

Dick Wetzel was told that the fire department would be building a wall around their property which would make it difficult to access the BOE building.

Charlie Bates asked all attendees, does the HPC want to save the building? Or should we possibly move on?

Kevin Cantaldi and Charlie Blessing agreed that they want to purse the issue.

Kevin Cantaldi asked if petitions would have an impact.

Chris Hanke stated that the HPC needs to be very careful about how they approach the issue.

Per Andrew Borisuk, the HPC is a government organization and the Historical Society is private.

Charlie Blessing stated that the Historical Society can do a petition.

Sharon Cheadle believed that the HPC should go to the town council.

Charlie Bates is concerned that someone may come into the BOE and offer them money for them to move; he suggested e-mailing Mayor Carew and that the HPC would like to appear again and plead the case.

Andrew Borisuk would like to preserve the site and possibly put a marker if they take down the building.

Charlie Blessing stated that he now does not agree with his previous statement.

Andrew Borisuk stated that the building has been renovated too many times and it would be a huge cost to get the building back to its original form.

Chris Hanke stated that if the building was purchased by someone with good intentions that it could change quickly. For example, the Weichert House on Rt. 94 in Vernon was torn down and has not been rebuilt; and a demolition permit on the old stagecoach building was done before anyone was able to remove the artifacts.

Charlie Blessing will work with Kevin Cantaldi on a power point presentation; Charlie Bates asked Charlie Blessing to e-mail Mayor Carew to see how he feels about the issue. Charlie Blessing will personally speak to him.

Kerrie Scott suggested that members of the HPC attend the Town Center special meeting that will be held on March 20th if anyone could attend.

2008 Budget

Per Sharon Cheadle, the 2008 budget consists of $400 for Salaries & Wages and $2,000 for Operating Expenses.

Charlie Blessing has been taking pictures of markers; he can do a presentation of slides and review with the HPC to choose the ones that everyone likes.


Episcopal Church

Kevin Cantaldi contacted the County Marker Chair, Ms. Frato. They have a repair kit and it is on their agenda. The vendor expressed that the repair material must be applied at a certain temperature; if it is not correct the material will not bond. It will need to be done later spring, early summer in order to set correctly.

Charlie Bates asked Kevin Cantaldi to put this on his own agenda to follow up with.

Kevin Cantaldi said he will follow up again a few weeks. And he stated that the HPC could not do it, the vendor must make the repair.

Charlie Bates would like to see the marker as it may be something that the HPC likes. If they are $1,000 each then the HPC would be able to preserve two places in 2008.

Kevin Cantaldi stated that the county form for the markers for 2008 had to be done by January 15th.

Kerrie Scott stated that the Historical Society put in an application for the Prices Switch Schoolhouse.

Charlie Bates stated that we should use our contact now at the county; he would like to see a copy of the application that was made for the schoolhouse.

Andrew Borisuk stated that the marker may possibly be on the property not the building.

Chris Hanke stated that he would be at the Historical Society meeting and will find out about the damage that was done to the schoolhouse and will e-mail the members of the HPC.

Kevin Cantaldi stated that there was no limit on the number of applications; the goal of the county organization is to have one marker per you are in all boroughs and towns.

Chris Hanke stated that the HPC must be sure that the property owner and home owner would be accepting of the HPC submitting any future application on their property.

Item will be tabled until October per Charlie Bates, and decisions will need to be made at that time for the applications.

Kevin Cantaldi stated that in respect to the marker application, a letter must accompany the application which must be on township letterhead.

Prices Switch Schoolhouse

Charlie Bates received a phone call from the Historical Society in which they recommended that the HPC apply for historical preservation. Ron Dupont, member of the Historical Society, would be willing to do the write up. The county owns the site but the Historical Society maintains it.

Charlie Blessing passed out his own checklist for what are areas/buildings in the township that can be preserved.

Chris Hanke motioned to have Prices Switch Schoolhouse preserved. Andrew Borisuk seconded. All in favor, all present (unanimous).

Sharon Cheadle believed that this needs to be worked on right away.

Charlie Blessing asked that Chris Hanke inform the Historical Society tomorrow that the HPC has approved this.

Photo Review

Charlie Blessing, with Kevin Cantaldi’s help, created a file and e-mailed it to Fred Suljic, township planner and copies Mayor Carew.

Charlie Blessing will send the information to Melinda Carlton, township manager and Lou Kneip, township engineer, per the recommendation of Kerrie Scott.

Charlie Bates stated that this list needs to be approved and move forward. Charlie Blessing has put a lot of time into this and the appropriate parties at the township should have a copy of this.

Alternate Meetings

Charlie Bates stated that alternate meetings may need to be conducted in order to get the extra work load done; for example in October for the application of the markers.

Charlie Blessing stated that is may be a definite possibility and can be discussed on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Chris Hanke said that the HPC needs to be flexible and possibly do work session which would include only 2 or 3 members, not the full HPC.


Charlie Blessing stated that there is no longer a township council liaison; he believed that it was against the law and that it was in the HPC ordinance.

Charlie Bates asked Charlie Blessing if he felt comfortable going back to the council with this information.

Charlie Blessing stated that he likes to attend the town council meetings and would not mind going on behalf of the HPC.

Andrew Borisuk stated that the HPC may just need to have town council member as a contact person.

Chris Hanke thought if needed that possibly a town council member be asked to attend a meeting.

Kerrie Scott stated that a press release will be done by the township for any open positions on the township boards.

Preservation Incentives

Sharon Cheadle looks at town with historic site but not districts. She did not have ample time to review her information; she will bring her findings to the next meeting.

Dick Wetzel reviewed Warwick, NY which only has a society; he will also have more information for the next meeting.

Chris Hanke will check with his friend in a historic district in South Hampton; he suggested also putting together a package to give to people who have also already been preserved.

Kevin Cantaldi stated that many HPC’s have nice websites; however resources are limited by funds available; he suggested that a website can provide information to people who want to know what preservation is and how they preserve.

Kerrie Scott will ask the township manager if the HPC’s budget could be spent on website maintenance or if the HPC can have information as part of the township’s website.

Charlie Bates suggested putting together a booklet of information; he believed that I would help residents to know about preserving their homes. For example, maybe if people see they can come to the HPC to preserve there may be more of an interest.

Sharon Cheadle stated that they the residents would be able to come to the HPC already prepared.

Kevin Cantaldi found some links to chambers of commerce; areas for tourism where the chamber got involved; find sources of where other places are getting their funding.

Sharon Cheadle would be willing to call and find out how other groups started and they funding they received; some have mission statements and work plans.

Charlie Bates everything that everyone has worked so hard on and make Vernon proud of what they have and have done (historically preserving); possibly having a kiosk with maps of historic areas in the township.

Sharon Cheadle saw on one website driving tours of preserved areas.

Kevin Cantaldi just completed a website at work and he worked with a web developer for a flat fee of about $1,000 and maintenance is adhoc fees.

Charlie Bates suggested a one click deal and print.

Personal Interviews

Charlie Bates would like the group to put together a list of people they would like to interview. He stated that Andrew Borisuk may be a good person to interview. And also put together a list of questions to be asked in the interviews.

Sharon Cheadle stated that Chris Hanke and Andrew Borisuk then may know people that the HPC should interview.

Chris Hanke suggested Farrier Martin.

Charlie Blessing suggested that someone interview Farrier Martin; Charlie Bates stated that he would do it.

Cemetery List

Charlie Blessing believed that this was the most important thing that HPC should focus on; the list is needed from Donna Wilson.

Charlie Bates called Donna Wilson and asked per to pass all the information that she had onto Chris but has not heard back from her.

Noted that the mapping of cemeteries is the Historical Society’s obligation.

Charlie Blessing was told by a former Sussex County Historical member that here may be 57 cemeteries in Vernon.

New Business

Highland’s letter was distributed and will be discussed at the next meeting.

Application Review

ZB #5-07-8: Bruce Zaretsky—Final Site Plan Modifications

Old Uptagrove property; now owned by Jack Smith.

Chris Hanke doesn’t have the results of the shovel test; he is not sure if any artifacts were found there; it was already a very disturbed area.

The HPC has agreed that the application does not create significant historic impact.

PB #8-07-10: Susan Kubie—Revised Cluster Preliminary Major Subdivision

No historical issues; however there is a lot of water on the property.

Andrew Borisuk stated that the water is on the house side; this area is good; 11-12 acres on top of the plateau for farm (1 lot—no further sub-division); on other side of Drew Road is wet.

Charlie Bates referred this to the Environmental Commission.

PB #04-8-4: Robert Baldwin—Lot Line Adjustment

HPC has agreed that the application does not create significant historic impact.

PB #3-08-3: Andrew & Sheila Borisuk, Jr.—Minor Subdivision

Andrew Borisuk explained that they are taking 22 acres to preserve as a farm; in order to do that they must subdivide the parcel off.

There will be 3 approximate 20 acre parcels.

The HPC has agreed that this application does not create significant historic impact.


There being no further items of business for the regular meeting, a motion was made by Andrew Borisuk Bates to adjourn the meeting; Charles Blessing seconded the motion, all present in favor. The regular meeting of the Vernon Township Historic Preservation Commission was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.