Minutes: June 4, 2020

Minutes of Zoom Meeting

In Attendance: Shawn Mazur, Barbara Kostenko, Dee Franklin, Jessi Paladini,

Barbara Kostenko mentioned the Glenwood signage is 8 years in the making and we should have a ceremony and invite the public in July. Cost was $20,000 with grant money/a matching grant.

Jessi Paladin mentioned that animals are getting into the archives. We need temporary storage or a safe place. Walnut Ridge was asked and refused. There are 150 years of archives/roomful of boxes. It cost $500 per month rent. Jessi Paladini suggests we sell the furniture. Barbara Kostenko suggests we ask town hall, Jessi Paladini will ask mayor. The senior citizen center is full but we should not have to pay rent. If anyone knows a place to use someone will talk to Charlie of the Green Team.

Jessi Paladini completed the farm designation, Will Brown approved, read part of designation and it should be Rickey Farm with 7 generations.

Jessi Paladini stated the Western Scenic Byway wants us to go for the Trenton national designation. Alice Bryce is on the Byway Comm. and working with county to move it along.

People want to see the signs. What Shortway did last year, she couldn’t put in funding for signage. Shortway wanted route changed. He bypassed the historical society and went straight to the county. The freeholders, Hardyston and Vernon approved of it the way it was. Because Shortway went to the county they held off funding. Now there is no funding left. There was $500,000 for funding. $224,000 went to Carter Management Plan. No money left. Themayor is upset over this and plans to take action. There is a June 15 deadline. Cindy needs to review it first.

Barbara Kostenko said it is worthwhile to try to get it in.

Jessi Paladini said they won’t like it being late.

Barbara Kostenko mentioned that with today’s problems maybe they will overlook it.

Jessi Paladini needs to collect letters of support, maybe 5 or 6.

Shawn Mazur will also write a letter of support.

Jessi Paladini said she would have liked to be told and is saddened by it all.

Barbara Kostenko said Shortway didn’t have the decency to tell the historical commission this is very disturbing.

Shawn Mazur will have a letter to Jessi Paladini by Monday.

New Business

Sussex County Marker Program

Mayor will pay for 2 of them. Approvals in June. Now 4 markers.

  1. Kings Highway
  2. Iron Furnace in Park (Jessi Paladini will apply for grant or we could pay with our own money...it is a nice nature walk).
  3. Glenwood United Methodist Church-dedication with anniversary coming up in August.

Bill Truran applied for 2.

Barbara Kostenko asked about farmland. Will has done stone work on it.

Historic Designation - Rickey Farm - Part of Farming District

Jessi Paladini mentioned Heaven Hill Farm was approved for everything including historic house on corner but not on master plan. 2 retail and one residential. Shawn Mazur will look into it. It is on the corner of Prices Switch Road. The house before Heaven Hill Jessi Paladini will drop off everything to Shawn Mazur. Chuck Voelker delivered it to Jessi Paladini.

Barbara Kostenko remembers a retail business on the bottom of the building, years back it was a gift shop...maybe a restaurant?

This was approved two weeks ago, maybe some suggestions could be added.

Should have a check box for historic.

We should approach owner with positive recommendations.

Dee Franklin made the motion to open the meeting to the public, Shawn Mazur seconded. No comments.

Shawn Mazur asked if any progress with the mayor on the certified government status.

Jessi Paladini talked about the protest in Vernon, coronavirus that talks of certified government status went to the wayside. Shawn Mazur is interested in meeting with the mayor to discuss Wayne McCabe’s discussion on the economic view and grant money.

Shawn Mazur is now licensed in all 50 states with special accreditations. The committee is proud of him. He is now working on a professional planner’s license.

Dee Franklin asked how they will keep kids 6 feet away from each other in schools. Discussion on vaccines, meds and Dr. Saluja said it will be here awhile.

Motion to adjourn from Barbara Kostanko.

All in favor.

Adjourn at 7:57 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Debbie Coulson, Recording Secretary