Minutes: June 20, 2013

Note: There is no recording for this meeting. The minutes were prepared using handwritten notes taken by Cynthia Davis.

Mr. Bates, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Statement of Compliance

Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231 P.L., 1975, adequate notice as defined in Section 3D of Chapter 231, P.L. 1975, had been forwarded and published in the New Jersey Herald on February 1, 2013. Notice is also posted on the bulletin board and filed with the office of the Township Clerk.

Roll Call of Members

Charles BatesP
Christopher HankeP
Stephen SokolewiczP
Ted LaabsNP
Andrew Borisuk (arrived @ 7:15 p.m.)P
Carol Gunn KadishP

Meeting Opened to the Public

No one came forward.

Closed Meeting to the Public


April 11, 2013

The minutes were reviewed and approved by a motion made by Mr. Hanke and seconded by Ms. Kadish. Mr. Sokolewicz abstained. All were in favor.

Old Business

Cedar Crest Farm Ceremony

Mr. Bates thanked everyone for coming to the sign dedication ceremony on May 4, 2013, at the Cedar Crest Farm. Ms. Kadish thanked Mr. Hanke for moving this application forward. She commented that the house is wonderful since not much had been changed.

Post Office on Canistear Road

Inasmuch as Mr. Sokolewicz has tried to contact the owner of this structure on several occasions, it was agreed to remove this item from the agenda.

Policy of Demolition of Buildings

Ms. Kadish reported that she spoke with Craig Rowland in the zoning & planning department with regard to the possibility of historic buildings being demolished without notice to the HPC. He advised her that in order for this not to happen, he would need a list of block and lots of the structures that the HPC is concerned with.

Mr. Bates commented that he would like a policy that requires all demolition applications be reviewed by the HPC. It was reported that a demolition permit takes 14-30 days. As such, the HPC would need to be notified immediately. The usual procedure of discussing applications at a monthly meeting would not be timely enough. Mr. Bates will get a copy of the master list of historic properties with the blocks and lots to give to Mr. Rowland.

Vernon Inn

Mr. Bates has pursued unsuccessfully to contact anyone with regard to a possible historic application for this structure. Ms. Kadish suggested going to the establishment around 3:30 when the restaurant is not busy.

Glenwood Historic Area Sign

Mr. Bates suggested getting the Glenwood neighborhood together in September for a presentation regarding the proposed Glenwood Historic Area sign. Mr. Bates asked the members of the HPC to work on ideas for the presentation. Mr. Sokolewicz will prepare a list of historic properties in the Glenwood area. Mr. Bates suggested that the Boy Scouts may be able to construct the sign.

Cemetery Markers

Mr. Hanke suggested checking with a graveyard headstone company for prices on these markers.

Rickey Farm

Mr. Bates reported that Mr. Rickey suggested that Vernon have a historic corridor from Butternut Estates to the Warwick New York border. Ms. Kadish commented that all of the farms in this area are either Green Acres or preserved farmland, so that may be enough recognition. Mr. Bates commented that he would like to pursue a historic application for the Rickey Farm.

New Business

Contact at the High School for Student HPC Members

Mr. Bates asked Mr. Sokolewicz to contact Mr. Dunnigan to ask him whether or not there is a community service project and/or 2 students that could serve on the HPC for a one-year period starting in September.

Walker Homestead, Drew Homestead

Ms. Kadish will set up a meeting with the owner and do historical research on the home. Mr. Bates will follow through with Ron DuPont regarding the Drew family home.

Applications to Review

LU#5-13-2: Theta 456 Associates - Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan & Bulk Variance for Age Restricted Housing.

The HPC members reviewed the above applications and determined that there is no historical significance in connection with these sites.


A motion was made to adjourn the HPC meeting at 8:00 p.m. It was seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Transcribed by Cynthia Davis on July 22, 2013.