Minutes: January 26, 2006

Meeting was called to order by Donna Wilson at 7:31 p.m.

Statement of Compliance

The following statement of compliance was read by Donna Wilson. Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, P.L. 1975 adequate notice as defined in Section 3D of Chapter 231, P.L. 1975 has been facsimiled and mailed from the Vernon Municipal Center to the New Jersey Herald in January 2005. Notice is also posted on the bulletin board and filed with the office of the Township Clerk.

Roll Call of Members

The roll call of members was called and Dolores Dobbs, Henry Capro, Dick Wetzel, Charles Bates, Andrew Borsiuk, Charles Blessing, Christopher Hanke, and Donna Wilson answered the call.

Approval of Minutes

Hank Capro made motion to approve the December 22, 2005 minutes as amended; Christopher Hanke seconded the motion. All present were in favor. Andrew Borsiuk abstained.

Meeting Opened to the Public

No members of the public were present.

Mayor Janet Morrison arrived at 7:37 p.m.

Swearing In of Reappointed Member Dolores Dobbs by Mayor Janet Morrison

Swearing In of Reappointed Member Christopher Hanke by Mayor Janet Morrison

Historical Society Liaison Report

Dolores Dobbs reported the Barret House Museum is closed for repairs. On February 21, 2006 the DEP is going to meet with Ron Dupont, Paul DeCoste, Rick Patterson, and herself to discuss the future of the Barret House Museum.

Dolores Dobbs spoke with a local contractor, Rob VonEssen and he has offered to donate the repairs to the two chimneys to prevent further water damage.

At the meeting with the DEP, Dolores Dobbs wants to discuss involving the museum with the Appalachian Trail. For example supplying water to the hikers, maintaining a registry for the hikers to sign-in, and offer parking in the parking lot. In her opinion, it will encourage interest in the museum.

Andrew Borsiuk questioned the status of the outhouse. Dolores Dobbs responded that a student in the Andover area is using it as a template to construct an outhouse as part of his Eagle Scout badge.

Dolores Dobbs questioned the status of the windows. Andrew Borsiuk responded there is a man in Pennsylvania who is interested, however, there is a transportation problem. Andrew Borsiuk will try to bring a sash to him to determine if he is interested and what he is willing to pay. Dolores Dobbs questioned if any of the windows could be used at High Breeze. The HPC discussed saving the glass for use at High Breeze.

Donna Wilson reported she has copies of the paperwork Ron Dupont has submitted to the park to increase the boundaries of High Breeze Farm to include the Barret House as an historic district.

Christopher Hanke questioned who is responsible for maintenance at High Breeze Farm. He has noticed that one of the barn doors has blown off and is now in pieces. The HPC discussed who has the proper qualifications to make repairs. Dolores Dobbs stated that this will be discussed with the state at the February 21st meeting.

Janet Morrison offered to attend the February 21st meeting at 11:00 a.m.

Donna Wilson also offered to attend the February 21st meeting.

Hank Capro reported that he spoke with Senator Littell regarding the state’s portion of the lodging tax created through tourism in Vernon, as well as Sussex County as a whole. Hank Capro suggested to the senator that the money created in Sussex County should come back to Sussex County rather than be distributed to other areas of New Jersey.

Janet Morrison stated to the HPC that the town council cannot spend funds on the improvement of state property or to help non-profit organizations. However, the state funds can return to the towns for these purposes.

Donna Wilson asked Hank Capro if he would be able to attend the meeting on February 21st.

He responded yes. Dolores Dobbs questioned Hank Capro if the lodging tax funds could be used to relocate the Lombardo building to be used as a welcoming center.

Janet Morrison added that the firemen’s pond may be a suitable location for an active, staffed welcome center.

Janet Morrison and the HPC discussed possible relocation areas for historic houses currently located within the town center area. They also discussed which houses should be considered. The HPC and Janet Morrison discussed the county’s future construction project on Route 515 and the properties which may be effected.

The HPC and Janet Morrison discussed the Board of Education building and its future. Janet Morrison suggested the HPC determine which properties in the town center area require an alternative plan to historically preserve the building in the event a property owner proposes demolition.

Dick Wetzel questioned Janet Morrison what will be the planned architecture of the future town center.

Janet Morrison suggested if the HPC has an opinion on a particular architecture, they should make the presentation. She further stated that she will advise Looney, Ricks, Kiss that such a presentation may be made by the HPC.

New Business

Janet Morrison addressed the HPC regarding the Farber House and the rumors that involve the fire that destroyed the house. Janet Morrison spoke with the police officers responsible for the investigation and requested they make a presentation to the HPC with the findings of the investigation. Donna Wilson requested they attend the next meeting.

Old Business

Charles Bates reported that he spoke with Skip LaBar and she advised him that she is still interested in historic designation. She is waiting for Ron Dupont to complete the application.

Donna Wilson reported that the Baxter resolution was submitted to the PB and was on the agenda for January 25, 2006, however, the PB meeting was cancelled and the agenda will be carried to the February 8, 2006 meeting.

The HPC discussed the town’s future use of the photo/card information. Christopher Hanke took part two of the book to add comments/information.

Charles Blessing asked Janet Morrison who would be the town council liaison to the HPC for 2006. Janet Morrison advised that she is resigning as liaison effective March 31, 2006. To date, none of the town council members have offered to take over the position.

Longwell/Drew Cemetery Resolution

Charles Bates made a motion to approve the Longwell/Drew Cemetery resolution as drafted; Dick Wetzel seconded the motion. All members eligible to vote were in favor.

Application Review

PB #8-05-9: James Lombardo—Revised Preliminary & Final Site Plan

The HPC agreed there is no comment other than questioning when will the building be relocated, to where will it be relocated and by whom.

ZB #9-05-18: Glenwood Management—Revised Site Plan

The HPC previously requested Phase I mitigation. The response was the property has been filled with outside materials which would make Phase I mitigation useless.

The HPC agreed the property was a very active mining area at the turn of the century and the HPC is concerned artifacts may be located beneath the fill. The HPC agreed to request Phase I mitigation in areas not disturbed by fill.

PB #2-06-1: Michael Pappa—Minor Site Plan

The HPC agreed the application does not create significant historic impact.

PB #2-06-2: Riccobano Development, LLC—Minor Subdivision

The HPC agreed the application does not create significant historic impact.

PB #1-06-1: Inns of Vernon, LLC—Variance for Setbacks for Addition and Site Plan Approval

The HPC agreed the application does not create significant historic impact.


There being no further items of business for the regular meeting, a motion was made by Andrew Borsiuk to adjourn the meeting; Hank Capro seconded the motion. The regular meeting of the Vernon Township Historic Preservation Commission was adjourned at 10:18 p.m.