Minutes: January 11, 2018

Reorganization Meeting

1. Call to Order

2. Statement of Compliance

Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this reorganization meeting has been provided to the public and the press on January 8, 2018 by delivering to the press such notice and posting same at the municipal building.

3. Salute to the Flag

4. Oath of Office Administered to by Mayor Shortway

A. Class B: Kristi Raperto12/31/19
B. Class C: Paul Mele12/31/20
C. Class C: Kirk Stephens12/31/21
D. Class C: Lisa Anderson12/31/21
E. Class C: Mark Cilli12/31/19
F. Dan Kadish and 
G. Ron Dupont also participated 

5. Roll Call

A. Lisa AndersonP
B. Mark CilliP
C. Ron Dupont, Jr.P
D. Dan KadishP
E. Paul MeleP
F. Kristi RapertoP
G. Kirk StephensP

6. Reorganization 2018

A. Nomination of officers each voted in by acclamation, none opposed.

  1. Vice Chairman Ron Dupont—Moved by: Dan K.; seconded Lisa A. by acclaim
  2. Recording Secretary Laura Lai-Minteer—Moved by: Kristi R.; seconded by Ron D.
  3. Corresponding Secretary Lisa Anderson—Moved by: Dan K.; seconded by Kristi R.
  4. Chairman: Dan Kadish—Moved by: Paul M.; seconded by Mark C.

B. Consent Agenda

1. Resolution No. 18-01: Designating the Official Newspaper

New Jersey Herald and the Sunday Herald

2. Resolution No. 18-02: Schedule of Meetings Dates for the Year 2018

January 4, 2018 Reorg (cancelled)
January 11, 2018 Regular Meeting
January 17, 2018 Special Meeting
February 1, 2018
March 1, 2018
April 5, 2018
May 3, 2018
June 7, 2018
July 5, 2018
August 2, 2018
September 6, 2018
October 4, 2018
November 1, 2018
December 6, 2018
January 3, 2019 (reorganization)

The chair explained the projects which required completion from year 2017 and asked for volunteers to assist project leaders in their tasks.

  1. Lisa took over the Glenwood Project. She will have a public hearing (date TBD). She will need an assistant. (Kristi?)
  2. Ron accepted the St. Thomas/Methodist Church/Cemetery project. (Paul?) to assist?
  3. Dan asked Kirk to assist him with the Historic Farmland Area project.
  4. I explained the importance of members preparing input regarding the Rt. 515 BOE building as to the designation of its historic standing, its potential removal of designation and its possible demolition. The commission’s views will be forwarded to the land use board as soon as completed.
  5. Ron requested copies of the original ordinances, and the process of how a site receives memorialization.
  6. We asked the administration also present at the meeting to advertise the Weds. Jan 17, 2018 meeting, which was accepted.

7. Adjournment: 8:12 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Dan Kadish March 1, 2018