Minutes: February 6, 2020

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Statement of Compliance was read and the salute to the flag.

Roll Call

Nancy Adam, Barbara Kostenko, Shawn MaZur, Jessi Paladini, Dick Wetzel were present. Will Brown, Ilene Dee Franklin, Ann Ross were absent.

A motion was made to hire as Recording Secretary Debbie Coulson Demether by Jessi Paladini and seconded by Barbara Kostenko, all in favor.

A motion to open the meeting to the public was made by Nancy Adam and second by Dick Wetzel, all in favor.

There were no public questions or comments.

A motion was made by Barbara Kostenko and second by Shawn MaZur to close the meeting to the public. All were in favor.

Jessi Paladini discussed the HPC statutory mission and responsibilities stating that it is advisory but that is the law. Also, designating land marks goes before the council for approval then put into the master plan. Members should look out for other properties to look into.

Shawn MaZur’s suggestions were:

  • Belcher Farm: Off of Sleepy Hollow Road (#5)
  • Good: Sand Hill Road area
  • Simonsen House: bank house built into a bank 1770.
  • Old Trading Post: Babtown Road area log cabin with two doors.
  • Old Sammis Property: Rte 94 from Great Gorge, silo, farmhouse overgrown.

Jessi Paladini will send photos and addresses to members for them to look at. She stated that owners can self-nominate.

Another property for members to look at is Spragtown School house off of County Rte 517.

Jessi Paladini would like to finish up properties that have been on the list for some time. The historic farming district on Route 94 should be including VanDokkenberg/state line, Will Brown, Borderland, and Martin properties are to be considered for historic farming district. Jamie Rickey brought this up in 2002.

2020 Budget

The mayor approved $2000 for the commission’s budget. $1000 for the secretary and $1000 for markers. Jessi Paladini stated that the hotel tax is exclusively for eco-tourism and historic preservation. In the past it has gone into general funds. The commission needs $1600-$1700 per historic marker. The ideal would be for the commission to dedicate two markers per year. In the past 6-7 years the commission has given back the money not used. The mayor gives the budget amount and wants to bring back the commission.

Jessi Paladini wants to vote on the historic farm district then erect two markers.

Grant money was discussed and it was stated that only CLG status can apply for grants. The commission can still ask for donations or sponsors.

A motion was made to pursue the historic farming district by Shawn MaZur and seconded by Barbara Kostenko, all in favor.

Additional monies will be asked for to help offset marker expense.

Old Business

Historic Vernon United Methodist Church Cemetery Sign

Sign was apparently ordered and is at DPW but the marker is worded wrong and is only one sided. It is not what the commission ordered. The cemetery serves three churches with graves facing the direction of the church served. Maybe a credit can be given for the material used to make the sign.

HPC Landmark Nomination Process

Members are to make suggestions and then write nominations, present to land use board decision then to town council for a vote to be put on master plan.

Jessi Paladin stated that ten years ago the Backster Homestead spent $400,000 to restore it and is disappointed to learn that everything was changed (windows, siding). Somehow this fell through the cracks of the master plan by not going to land use board.

Shawn MaZur asked for copies of the master plan. Jessi Paladini stated that the town center plan has just gone through a study and the plan is being done now.

New Business

Jessi Paladini suggested inviting Wayne McCabe to the March or April meeting. Also stated that the scenic byway is now open for a national nomination.

Formation of Subcommittees

  • Shawn MaZur: Master plan review
  • Ilene Dee Franklin: State and county officials presentations
  • Nancy Adam: Hospitality
  • Nancy Adam and Barbara Kostenko: Education in schools
  • Dick Wetzel: Liaison with town council and land use board

Review of Land Use Board Applications

8 Robin Hood Lane applied for storage containers to be erected. Nothing historic and closest is the Iron Furnace in Waywayanda.

Commissioner Comments


A motion to adjourn meeting was made by Nancy Adam, Second by Dick Wetzel, all in favor at 8:10 p.m.

The next meeting of the historic preservation commission is March 5th at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Debbie Coulson-Demether