Minutes: February 21, 2008

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Charles Bates.

Statement of Compliance

Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, P.L. 1975 adequate notice as defined in Section 3D of Chapter 231, P.L. 1975 has been forwarded to the New Jersey Herald and published on February 29, 2007. Notice is also posted on the bulletin board and filed with the office of the Township Clerk.

Roll Call of Members

Members in attendance were Charles Bates, Charles Blessing, Kevin Cantaldi, Sharon Cheadle and Dick Wetzel.

Members absent were Andrew Borsiuk and Chris Hanke.

Swearing In of Members

Mayor Austin Carew and council members were present to swear in Sharon and Dick. Sharon’s term will expire on 12/31/09; she is Class B. Dick’s term will expire on 12/31/11; he is Class B.

Approval of Minutes

Charlie Blessing made a motion to approve the reorganization meeting minutes. Dick Wetzel seconded. All present, in favor.

Items of Discussion

Concern of Andrew Borsiuk Missing Meeting

Meeting Dates

Charlie Bates stated that the 3/20 meeting will be a problem for him; Sharon agreed. Missing these two members would not allow for a quorum.

Charlie Bates made a motion that the March meeting date be changed to March 13th. All present, in favor.

Charlie Bates stated that the meeting date for April will remain the same but he will not be in attendance. Sharon may not be at May’s meeting.

Old Business

Board of Education Building Status (Rt. 515)

According to Charlie Blessing the status is a closed issue according to the township.

Charlie Bates asked the group if they would like to pursue it further.

Dick suggested maybe waiting until the Board of Education elections; they then may be new members to work with.

Charlie Blessing stated that if it is in the Town Center it wouldn’t be a ratable for the town.

Dick and Kevin both agreed that the group should pursue it.

Charlie Bates asked the group how they suggested pursuing it.

Charlie Blessing stated that he doesn’t see if being any different since there are the same people still on the planning board.

Charlie Bates stated that after speaking with Mayor Carew that he is in favor of what the HPC is doing; he could be an advocate so it may be worth another try if they can go to Austin first.

Dick suggested that the building be condensed even more; removing the wings that had been added.

Charlie Bates stated that the township would have to agree since they own it; wings had been added over the years which do not have to be part of the original building.

Charlie Blessing suggested going to the township council and asking them to reopen it again. He will be willing to go before the council; numbers count in presenting,

Charlie Bates asked Charlie Blessing to contact the council. Ask Mayor Carew and Council if the HPC will be able to do a specific presentation, if they say yes the HPC has to be prepared. At the next meeting the HPC will put their information together for the presentation.

Charlie Blessing thought that a target date should be set in order to go to the council with.

Sharon stated that if the plan and outline can be put together at the March 13th meeting they will then need time to get all of the information together, the HPC may need to have a specific meeting.

Charlie Blessing stated that they can review the information at the April meeting and then go to the council the end of April, early May; possibly shoot for the presentation to be the end of May.

Charlie Bates stated that he is ok with this; he wants to win the building for the town.

Status of 2008 Budget

For the March 13th meeting agenda—give a proposed budget.


The county website has a list of historical markers.

Charlie Bates is concerned about the marker at the Episcopal Church being wrong, what can be done to fix it.

Charlie Blessing’s general thought, to list things that the HPC is involved in and each person should take ownership of the individual program/item. For this item he believes that the manufacturer had been called in the past.

Kevin Cantaldi volunteered to handle this situation and the historic markers.

Photo Review

Charlie Blessing is ready to submit the information to Fred Suljic, township planner; he will have them submitted before the next meeting. He has to give them to John Hanlon, township surveyor to obtain a map overlay.

Charlies Bates asked for the number of copies that the HPC needs to receive one. He believed that a map should be given to the building department as well in case a home is preserved.

Charlie Blessing stated that what he wants to happen probably will not because the list only states that they are eligible to be preserved, they are not actually preserved. He stated to the HPC that there are about 125 items on the list. Over a two year period only about 4-5 have been preserved. If 4-5 separate applications go to the planning board there may be a delay; stated that if they are combined and there is an issue with one then it delays the process for all of them.

Charlie Bates stated that most things that the HPC has tried to preserved has burned down, been torn down or rotted away. He wants the HPC to making something happen. Suggested not combing applications to the planning board.

Sharon Cheadle suggested looking at the most critical items on the list first.

Years and Classifications

Kerrie will add this item to the list of members.

Special Meetings

Charlie Bates asked the HPC is alternate meeting dates are necessary in order for the HPC to get things done. He asked the group to keep this in mind for the future.

Sharon Cheadle asked if they can work in items individually but not as a whole. The group said that was correct. She then asked what if the group was broken into committees, for example if they are working on an application. The group said yes that was ok.


Resolutions #08-01 and #08-02 were signed by Charlie Bates will be given to the clerk’s office by Kerrie Scott.

New Business

Division of Responsibilities

Kevin Cantaldi—Markers

Charlie Blessing—Cemetery List

Charlie Blessing believed that Donna Wilson (previous chairperson) had some critical information which he is not sure if Chris Hanke now has. Charlie Bates stated that he would call Donna.

Sharon Cheadle—Budget

Plan Endorsement Committee

Charlie Blessing was asked by Mayor Carew if the HPC could have someone sit on the Plan Endorsement Committee to review the Town Center plans. No official dates have been set yet, and there may be a possible trip to Trenton. If no one else would like to be on the committee he volunteered to do.

Kevin Cantaldi thought that the person on the committee needs to know the information and have experience.

Dick Wetzel stated he would not be able to do it because of another board he has been asked to be on.

Sharon stated that she wouldn’t have the experience either.

Charlie Blessing said that he was will do it and he agreed.

HPC Members

Charlie Blessing stated that there is still an opening on the HPC for an alternate post.

Sharon Chealde believed that she may know someone that may be interested.

Per council member Glenn McLaughlin, he is recommending someone.

Preservation Incentives

Charlie Blessing thought that the HPC should bring before the council, a possibly tax break for municipally preserved properties. An incentive to preserve; for example, a percentage such as 1% or a set amount of $500.

Charlie Blessing will facilitate the project and everyone will get their information back to him. The areas to be covered are the following: Dick Wetzel—Warwick, NY, Kevin Cantaldi—New England, Sharon Cheadle—Midwest.

Charlie Blessing asked everyone doing the research to also see if the properties values will go down if preserved.

Future Items

Personal Interviews

Charlie Blessing suggested items that the HPC should do down the road of first, personal interviews with specific people in the township. If anyone has an opportunity and can go to do an interview that would be great for the HPC.

Charlie Bates likes the ideas but just wants to be sure there is no overlap; need to have a plan.

Dick Wetzel suggested putting a feature on the township website. Charlie Blessing suggested putting the interviews in the township newsletter.

Item to be placed on the agenda for the next meeting: discuss who would like to speak to whom and need to get these items done and into the media. A set of questions can be put into place, possibly obtain copies of pictures and as Sharon suggested things that happened seasonally in Vernon.

Properties Eligible for Preservation

From the list and in target areas, call people to see if they are interested in preserving.

Sharon Cheadle suggested asking people to come to a HPC meeting. A plan to approach the people needs to be done and possibly a package put together to give them.

Charlie Bates asked if there was a current package that the HPC could give to people. In doing internet research, possibly put together some information that would be important for people to have,

Sharon Cheadle suggested that the information may be able to be done on a website because it changes often; not wasting money on printing costs. As people are preserved they could be added to the packet.

Kevin Cantaldi suggest posted a PDF file on the website.

Sharon Cheadle also stated that the HPC needs to prioritize their goals for this year and set dates.


Charlie Blessing asked to have the agenda placed on the website prior to the meeting.

Charlie Bates and Kerrie Scott will work together on getting in down and put on the website.

Article in Newspaper

Charlie Bates saw an article in the newspaper, money that had been received in Morris County for historic preservation. He suggested looking at possibly applying for grants.

Kerrie Scott said that she would bring some websites that the HPC can look at to obtain grant information.

Plan Review

PB #2-08-02: Mt. Creek Day Lodge

Charlie Blessing stated that he concerned with the Stewart House.

The HPC has reviewed the plans and has agreed the application does not create significant historic impact.

ZB #5-07-8: Bruce Zaretsky

Dick thought that this was something that they have seen before.

Charlie Blessing could not remember was the decision was.

The item for review was the parking lot; to be lower and a small retaining wall was proposed.

Charlie Bates believed that there could be possible artifacts; the field behind Dr. Yaccarino’s office was owned by the Hanke family and they had found artifacts.

The HPC reserves further decision until the March 13th meeting.

Chris Hanke will be asked for his knowledge of the property.

PB #8-07-10: Susan Kubie

This is the old Drew property, across from the Lutheran Church.

Charlie Bates stated that he believed it was full of water and their may be an environmental impact.

The HPC has reviewed the plans and has agreed the application does not create significant historic impact.


There being no further items of business for the Regular Meeting, a motion was made by Charlie Bates to adjourn the meeting; Charles Blessing seconded the motion, all present in favor. The regular meeting of the Vernon Township Historic Preservation Commission was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.