Minutes: April 7, 2016

Call to Order

Statement of Compliance

Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231 P.L., 1975, adequate notice as defined in Section 3D of Chapter 231, P.L., 1975, had been forwarded to the New Jersey Herald on January 15, 2016. Notice is also posted on the bulletin board and filed with the office of the township clerk.

Salute to the Flag

Roll Call

Nancy AdamP
Charles BatesP
Ilene FranklinP
Christopher HankeP
Ted LaabsP
Valerie SeufertA
Laura PettinatoP
Ron DupontP

Chairperson Dee Franklin called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. The discussion of who was going to run the meeting due to the fact that Dee had resigned, however it was stated that Dee had not stepped down and had only sent her letter in to the mayor. Chris Hanke was under the understanding that as co-chair he was going to run the meeting. We went through the minutes and it showed that it was tabled to this meeting and that there would be an election.

1. Open the Meeting to the Public

Dee Franklin opened the meeting to the public and kept it open throughout the duration of the meeting.

2. Approval of Minutes

March 3, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes

Charles Bates made a motion to accept the minutes, Dee Franklin seconded the motion.

Roll Call Vote:
Ayes: Chris Hanke, Ilene Franklin, Ted Laabs, Laura Pettinato, Charles Bates, Nancy Adam, Ron Dupont

3. Charles spoke about the Glenwood presentation, and said that Laura spoke with Mike Furrey and Charles got the whole packet on Glenwood and we can discuss it and find out whether the group wants to go forward with it. Charles’ feeling is we should make and review the whole thing again, get better clarification of what needs to be said and contact the mayor so that he can set up something. The original place for this was at the Baptist Church in Glenwood, invite the community to it, present it—this is how Mike Furrey had originally set it up and go forward. Charles stated he is behind because he left it in Mike’s hands and we need to review the whole package. Laura volunteered her time to go through the presentation and strip the presentation down so it isn’t as wordy and do a bullet point and clean it up and there are too many words on it for a presentation purpose.

Dee asked how do we contact the public to get them to come to the presentation. Charles stated that at the time Mike and Charles were working on the project, an article in the newspaper, the AIM, the Advertiser, he wouldn’t suggest the NJ Herald because it would get lost in there. Whatever date and month is appropriate and advertise it. Dee also stated to advertise it in the church would also be a great idea and Charles stated to contact the pastor of the church and make sure the church is available for the presentation. Jessie stated that because you will have a quorum that you will have to advertise it in the NJ Herald because they are our newspaper on file for our meetings.

4. Approval of Minutes

February 7, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes

Ted Laabs made a motion to adopt the minutes, Chris Hanke seconded the motion.

Roll Call Vote:
Ayes: Chris Hanke, Ilene Franklin, Ted Laabs, Laura Pettinato, Charles Bates, Nancy Adams, Ron DuPont

5. CLG—Dee stated that Laura has been looking into filling out the CLG. She said that some of it has to do the education and will bring it up at a later time. Laura stated that she filled in the things that she was absolutely certain about on the application it was only 30-40% complete. She stated that the general gist of it is that we need to shore up a lot of things before we can continue. Our processes, we need to write things that have to go into the ordinance, the way we appoint committee members, it is much more stringent. There is only a 60 day time frame to fill new seats. They are asking for a 5 person minimum membership. Our process for evaluating sites needs to be shored up also. One of the things that the CLG wants to know is if we have a conflict of interest policy. I know that something was done with the town council related to that and Laura has written a lot of those before and we can come up with that. Laura stated that this process will take a year. We have to collect all of our data and memorialize that data, we have to have all our agendas, minutes all of our applications for any sites or buildings that come our way so that we have all our ducks in a row. So that when we fill out this report we will have all our back up data ready.

Jessie talked about the certified local government and said that she can’t think of a better area to go after first than the historic farming district to coincide with our scenic byway along Route 94 to the New York state line. She spoke with Jamie Ricky and he proposed it around 10 years ago. It would be great if Ron could write it or the historical society could write it, but there are funds available with the scenic byway so what better way to start.

Laura stated that one of the proposals that came to us for evaluation it would be great as a proof of concept so that we can use it as a verdict to evaluate it. Jessie stated that she is sure we can model someone’s farming district in New Jersey as an example to write it all up.

Charles stated that personal contact to the farmers would be such a better way to start this process than a letter. Ted said that there is an approach that is rather than going out asking them and getting them uptight to take them in a much softer position and show them all the benefits that come from it. Not that they are losing something but they are benefiting from it.

6. Education—Dee just wanted to see if Ron or Ted had anything to add at this point and nothing was added at this point.

7. Application for a coffee cart to be added to the McAfee post office parking lot. There is no historical significance or interference (line of sight) for file number LU2-16-2.

8. Dee stated that in June there is a historic conference and she condensed it and handed it out to all the commissioners. She would like everyone to think about that it would be a perfect field trip. The deadline for the early bird discount is May 1st. The conference is June 8-9 and that there is a one day conference pass for $65. She circled the website and also listed some of the conferences that would be beneficial for historical preservation commissions and that June 9th would probably be the best day to go. According to our ordinance we are to be reimbursed for any education expense that comes out of the historical preservation commission budget. Ted stated that it is also a requirement for everyone to go to at least one class a year according to our ordinance.

Charles has a date of April 27th for the United Methodist Church Cemetery at the land use board meeting. The order we go through whenever we preserve for memorization purposes some structure, we send out a letter indicating what you want to do to this preserved property and we invite them to review our findings. They are invited to come to a meeting and then from there we proceed on our own. If they have been legitimately notified by certified mail then we can go through without presentation to the land use board, if the land use board approves as a memorized site now it goes back to the town council for their approval and if they approve it, it goes back to land use board to create the ordinance for the master plan. This is where Jessica Caldwell comes into this whole mix because she does the master planning for Vernon Township. We do that at all times whenever we have a possibility of a preserved site.

9. Chairperson replacement—Ron Dupont nominated Charles Bates for the chairperson position, Chris Hanke seconded. Laura Pettinato nominated Ted Laabs for the chairperson position, Dee Franklin seconded. Chris Hanke stated that he is interested in staying as the co-chair. Dee made it a closed ballot and Gail Russell counted the votes. The votes were 4-3 in favor of Charles Bates.


Dee Franklin moved to adjourn the meeting.
Chris Hanke seconded the motion.
All commissioners were in favor.

The next meeting of the Vernon Township Historic Preservation Commission will be on May 5, 2016 at 7 p.m.

Transcribed by Gail Russell
Recording Secretary