Minutes: February 15, 2021

Zoom Meeting Draft of Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Diane Wexler, Chairperson.

Statement of Compliance was read by Diane Wexler.

Salute to Flag

Roll Call:

Diane Wexler
Catherina Sawoszczyk
Bonnie Tadrick
Peg DiStasi - logged off early as phone ran out of power.

Approval of revised minutes for January 12, 2021 Meeting

Catherina Sawoszczyk made the motion, second by Bonnie Tadrick, all in favor.

Public Participation:

No public due to snow storm and power outages.

Land Use Board Liaison Report:

None due to storm.

Applications under Review:



Diane Wexler there were two letters concerning the Wetlands permits/Hidden Valley Damn.

Old Business:

Resolutions for approval 21-01, 21-02. All in favor on both.

Pollinator Garden:

Diane Wexler discussed the town garden. She said she was told we could plant outside the garden and not pay for it. The Pollinator plants can help the vegetables that are planted. Any funds received could go into our budget and not the town budget.

Donelle Bright told Diane Wexler that if we get the grant we can use the money to buy flowers. The maintenance of the gardens is in need of people. Maybe High School kids. Bonnie Tadrick mentioned youth groups in churches or a community project could help. Catherina Sawoszczyk mentioned a Boy Scout troop could be asked. Diane Wexler stated that perennials are stronger and would need mild weeding and watering in the dry months of July and August. Maybe get Martin to add mulch. The garden will hide the fence.

Trout Stream Clean Up:

Catherina Sawoszczyk said that Peg DiStasi had sent a lot of information on this and you do need permits to clean the stream from the Environmental Protection. She commented that there is a new group formed called the Eagles that have applied for permits. Jessi Paladini has made the applications and is waiting on a cleanup date. We will discuss next month.

Green Energy Push:

Craig Williams is not in attendance due to the storm.


Bonnie Tadrick had a meeting with the mayor on February 9, 2021 to discuss. There are 16 piles of material. Before 2016 regulations were not in compliance and are currently being addressed. The town has contracted with Excel Environmental on how to handle the recycling of material. They will guide us in the Compliance. The plan is to store the material in dumpsters to keep it from leaking into the ground, a six-month cycle for removal. Materials will be brought in and placed in a dumpster. The exemption from NJ Environmental Commission would be the time it takes to fill the dumpster. We might have to extend the amount of time due to filling the entire dumpster. Materials would be brought in and placed in dumpsters for six months then removed. She was very satisfied with the conversation she had with Mayor Burrell and Mr. Voelker. She will keep up on it and report back. Peg DiStasi has more information and will discuss next month. It will be added to the agenda.

Tennessee Gas:

Diane Wexler had a call into the Engineer and left a message. Pam Randle called her back and will try to get answers to our questions. Last Wednesday Pam Randel called and said she was instructed that they will get to it when they get to it. Diane Wexler discussed the old pipes everywhere and if they can stand up to the increased pressure. Maybe they need to test and replace the old pipes but that would entail digging up yards.

The Compressor Station:

Wantage approved their resolution and Ringwood did also. Diane Wexler will share the resolution with the Mayor. There is a meeting tomorrow for more information.

EC Topic for Public Session @ Council Meeting:

Peg DiStasi wanted to bring up switching municipal vehicles to hybrid/electric.

Diane Wexler asked for any ideas from the Commission. She mentioned keeping the streams clean.

Information on Spill Fund tabled until next meeting.

New Business:

Climate Change requirement - regarding Master Plan.

Diane Wexler stated that the Town Planner has to comply with the State Plan. This is something we cannot get into.

Storm Water Resolution:

Diane Wexler stated that this was well underway... The last council meeting was the first reading and the second reading is next Monday’s Council Meeting.

Public Participation:

No public

Commissioners Comments:

Catherina Sawoszczyk had questions regarding Harry Shortway’s letter to Diane Wexler. She wanted to know what prompted the letter. Diane Wexler said the letter was from last year, and that the ordinances mentioned in Harry Shortway’s letter are dated 2016.

Diane Wexler stated that Harry Shortway was an attendee at the last Environmental meeting and she heard he thought the meeting went well. Diane Wexler stated that she is all for different voices controlling the open space funds.

Catherina Sawoszczyk asked about the summary of the Minisink Compressor Station. Diane Wexler stated it was a discussion at the Forum and concerns the health of everyone.

Catherina Sawoszczyk asked if she could call Peg DiStasi because they work on the streams together. Diane Wexler said yes.

Diane Wexler sent links about logging to Catherina Sawoszczyk. Diane Wexler said that the next meeting we have a guest speaker in Silvia Solaun concerning logging. Diane Wexler rode by the area in question twice but without a Block and Lot she could not find a building permit. This could be a new house to be erected or a place to park a truck.

Motion to adjourn was made by Bonnie Tadrick, second by Catherina Sawoszczyk. All in favor.

Respectfully submitted by Debbie Coulson