Minutes: November 3, 2021

At 6:59 p.m. the meeting was called to order. The statement of compliance was read by Chairwoman Lubliner.

The Pledge of Allegiance recited by all.

Roll Call: Jennifer Lubliner, Jennifer Rodriguez, Dan Segal, Ron Williams, Stephanie Munson present. Absent: Nicholas Pirro, Keren Gonen.

Jennifer Lubliner made a motion to open the meeting to the public, second by Stephanie Munson. All in favor.

No Public Participation

Ron Williams made the motion to close the meeting to the public, second by Stephanie Munson. All in favor.

The minutes from October 2021 were read by Jennifer Lubliner.

A motion was made by Ron Williams to approve the minutes with the minor correction, second by Stephanie Munson. All in favor.

Checklist for New Business:

Digital computer copies will be available as well as hardcopies.

Stephanie Munson said that Newton has a "user friendly" package and a liaison that helps people filling out the forms.

Jennifer Lubliner stated that we it may not be in our budget to have an employee dedicated to helping people but maybe a volunteer that could be a liaison.

Intern/Mentorship program:

Jennifer Rodriguez spoke to the DECA advisor. That person stated that they have a good group of kids together. A certificate program this year would be feasible and next year an internship. Ten to twelve kids are interested in the program. We can come into the school and talk to kids about the businesses. We will focus on Junior and Seniors.

Jennifer Lubliner asked members what they thought of the Certificate Program.

Jennifer Rodriguez stated that we have about six months of school left. The program should consist of Advertising, Marketing, How to start a Business, Permits, Competitors, etc.

Ron Williams stated he like the Internship Program because it is "real life" instead of talk and teach.

Dan Segal said to put a panel of 3-6 business owners together for a question and answer session.

Jennifer Lubliner stated that it would address what it would be like to open a business.

Stephanie Munson said the "Bug Busters" would be a good candidate for that. He started in an area and went on from there.

Jennifer Lubliner asked the Committee to put some names together.

Jennifer Rodriguez said we should have refreshments for the school event.

Jennifer Lubliner said we have money in our budget to provide snacks.

Jennifer Rodriguez mentioned getting a certificate in the end by doing a project. We would need the criteria for the project and a name, budget amount, etc.

Keren Gonen, Stephanie Scillingo and Jennifer Lubliner will get together to discuss the Shop Vernon Program.

New Business Updates:

The Laundromat has new owners.

Jennifer Lubliner sent the Highlands Survey to the Committee. Please look over the attachments. There is a lot of information. Such as Broadband, Infrastructure and Highlands Tax Rate.

Jennifer Rodriguez asked about the situation with Old Cardinal on Route 94/Vernon Crossing.

Ron Williams asked about the Thai Restaurant and stated that Deli Bites is gone.

The new Candy Store in Highland Lakes is closed due to the Landlord not renewing the lease.

The Pop Up shop in McAfee has also closed.

Committee Member Comments:

Dan Segal suggested a January meeting with the Chamber of Commerce on working together. Also he stated we use to have banners across the town. JCPL are not allowing the use of their poles to attach banners. However, other towns are allowed.

Jennifer Lubliner said we need a review of the ordinance for signs.

Holiday Lights should be discussed.

Debbie Coulson stated that the Chamber has a holiday light contest for the town every year.

Jennifer Rodriguez: no comment

Jennifer Lubliner: We need a list of what we accomplished this year as a committee. Please do not forget to fill out a new volunteer form. The first of the year everyone gets reappointed. If you are not interested, please let me know.

Stephanie Munson made a motion to close the meeting at 8:10 PM. Jennifer Rodriguez second, all approved.

Respectfully submitted by:
Debbie Coulson Demether