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Arts Advisory Committee

The Vernon Township Arts Advisory Committee was established in January of 2017 to address ways to provide visual and performing cultural activities for Vernon.

This committee will strive to create and strengthen partnerships among schools, arts and community organizations to enhance arts education and arts participation of all Vernon citizens.

The committee consists of seven to nine members appointed by the mayor, with each member serving a one-year term.

2018 Arts Advisory Committee Roster
Committee MemberTerm Ends
Tara Brennan12/2018
Dennis Dalelio12/2018
Carolyn Incarnato12/2018
Dan Kadish, Council Member12/2018
Caitlin Cardona Piccirillo12/2018
Joe Piccirillo12/2018
Mayor Harry Shortway12/2018
Agatha Wyman12/2018
G. Bruce Young12/2018